The Best Places to Order Food Delivery in Córdoba

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Sheltered by the Sierra Morena and being the third largest and most populated city in Andalusia, is Córdoba. An aspect perhaps at the height of its multiple awards granted by Unesco as World Heritage, are your places to order food at home in Córdoba, adding an extra ingredient to the greatness of this Spanish city of yesteryear.

Oxtail, Andalusian gazpacho and Cordovan salmorejo, are just some of the preparations that are based on Andalusian cuisine. Cordoba is also famous for its stews and typical food from the mountains such as flamenquines or succulent olives seasoned as a special and traditional condiment in the region.

Next, you will know a list of restaurants that combines the best of Córdoba with the excellence of other culinary cultures. Read on to learn more about the current topic.

Best Restaurants to Order Food Delivery in Córdoba

Goiko starts this ranking, since it is the best option when it comes to ordering food at home in Córdoba as such. Their gourmet-style hamburger presentations have deeply penetrated the decisions of the people of Cordoba when deciding for them without question.

It is located on Av. Del Gran Capitán ready to share experiences with its clients. However, in case you want to try something more recognized within the world of cooking, KFC appears as a good alternative.

chicken combos or tenders

Their 2×1 food delivery offers They make it an attractive option in products marked within Uber Eats (the best thing about this is that you can use the Uber Eats codes to make the food cheaper for you). It is located on Av. Del Brillante next to its world-famous breaded chicken.

Meet the best Asian food delivery places in Córdoba

Kakkoi Sushi is chosen this time due to its peculiar preparations in rice bowls, as well as suhi of all kinds. In Calle Alcalde Sanz Noguer it is possible to find them or otherwise, Uber Eats is the main ally to order Japanese food at home with them. That is why you should know what Uber Eats is and how it works, so that you can fully use this service.

For its part and in the best western style, when it comes to Chinese food delivery alike, Sibuya Urban Sushi Bar makes its appearance. It is located on Av. Del Gran Capitán, with food delivery offers from Up to 30% discount on the “Top Sibuya” or “The Perfect Combo”. Spring rolls or california, as well as their Wakame salad, are ideal delicacies for the most refined palates.

La Catrina: Mexican food delivery site in Córdoba

Ordering food at home in Córdoba of this style is essential and more so in the case of La Catrina, famous fast food restaurant. It is located on Periodista Justo Urrutia street, at number 3 of the same.

Thanks to Uber Eats, he is able to share his proud guacamole with the population up to the door of the home (the best thing about Uber is that you can download the app for free). Similarly, products such as “choriqueso” or “panchos” are also pleasant preparations that surprise locals and strangers.

Places to order healthy food at home in Córdoba

The comfort food of Tapeo Ibérico from Calle Alcalde Sanz Noguer, along with its tapas and healthy portions, are admirable. Its menu has a series of dishes that include the best in ham and cheeses made up of the best nutritional seasonings in the area.

Serrano ham and bread sandwiches

Being a business partner of Uber Eats, it is possible, and even easier, to try every bite of their menu in general. Ordering food at home in Córdoba that is of healthy origin is difficult in these times, but possible thanks to them.

Moreover, when it comes to healthy food and also homemade food to take away, Motxillo is for you. It is located next to its home cooking desserts, salads, tapas and rations in general right on Don Lope de Sosa street.

And ready with that you know everything you need. However, if you still want to learn more, it is recommended that you look for what are the best applications to order food? Just in case you don’t like Uber Eats so much and want to look for other options to order dishes.

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