The Best Restaurants to Order Food Delivery in Barcelona

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Barcelona is probably one of the richest lands in terms of culture, from history, sports to gastronomy. Being visiting or living there, leads to knowing every corner of it, especially take into account some of the best restaurants to order food at home in Barcelona.

And it is that nothing can escape you when it comes to this great region, you will surely fall in love with what it has to offer. This city is a magical place that combines various aspects, gastronomy being one that is not left behind. Knowing what to order from a vast sea of ​​options to choose from, is undoubtedly a matter of the wise.

What places are good to order food at home in Barcelona?

Getting to know everyone is almost an impossible task due to the diverse variety that makes life in the city as such. However, it is possible to make a short list to ensure which are the best decisions to make when ordering food at home in Barcelona. Don’t worry, it’s a matter of reading and having an open mind to the options presented below. Remember that the delivery or home delivery service is a practice that has now become more relevant.

Best Mexican food delivery restaurants in Barcelona

Ándele and El Mexicano from BarcelonaThey are the ones that, by qualification, give the stature in this area as such. Located in Carrer de París, 147 and in Villaroel, 233 respectively, they wait for their menus.

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The Mexican of Barcelona and its brick-based decoration, offers a pleasant atmosphere to taste the best dishes of the Aztec country. On the other hand, Ándele is not far behind, with its famous ceviche and decoration that makes you feel like in Mexico, it is undoubtedly the favorite of many when deciding on a simple decision.

Best Chinese restaurants in Barcelona

In the Carrer de Tarragona, the Pekín Siglo 21 Restaurant appears in view while in the Pinar del Río Place, La Perla del Oriente is located. They are the best when it comes to ordering Chinese food at home, due to their rice-based specialties of all kinds.

Each one with its presentations and flavors according to the touch of the house, without neglecting Chinese traditions and offering customers a tasting that they will never forget so easily.

When ordering food at home in Barcelona, ​​you should take into account the kind that these two restaurants sell. If it is not done, It’s almost like committing a direct crime!

Japanese food delivery restaurants in Barcelona

Sushi Kokoro on Calle de Europa, 18, serves as the most striking options for ordering food at home in Barcelona. Your food delivery offers consist of up to 60% discount on combos like the tray of 50 pieces of sushi plus a bottle of wine to go. Pretty flashy, don’t you think?

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Similarly, Sushifresh is known to emphasize its franchise name without any objection. Offers the best fresh sushi in Barcelona According to the rating given by the crowd and is located in Ronda del General Miter, 169, with an established alliance with the Uber Eats service for delivery.

Homemade food and healthy food at home in Barcelona

The Fresh Poke is the main option for those looking for a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating in Barcelona. It is located on Avinguda Diagonal, 357, standing out for its poke bowls of fresh ingredients with unimaginable flavors. Their contact number is +34 686 63 84 62 for Orders to the door of your house with the best possible security guarantee.

In contrast, when talking about home-cooked food at home, emphasis should be placed on Osteria Da Rudy. A pizzeria that draws attention to the naked eye when passing by Carrer de Muntaner, 113.

They have an alliance with Deliveroo, so that their orders are basically a premium service with the best of comforts. Its flavors and presentations are unmatched, working with the best customer service by satisfying their wishesAs well as being very attentive to criticism in general. This company is among the best delivery companies.

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