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Very few industries can confirm growth in times of pandemic with data. However, certain segments have seen a business opportunity protected by the evolution of technology. Such is the case of the sexual technology or sextech. Although most users associate this concept with sex toys, the reality is much broader and at the same time suggestive.

During the most restrictive confinement and the implementation of social distance as a sanitary measure, downloading of applications to find a partner and searches for sex toys smart have soared. In the absence of options to share physical spaces, interpersonal contact is still very necessary. Sexting and the use of remote sex toys It has become part of the dynamic of many couples who have been caught in a long-distance relationship by the pandemic.


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To date, it is estimated that in 2024 the technological erotic industry sector will move more than 122 million dollars worldwide. With a significant change to take into account to explain this sales boom: the matching of designs and proposals for erotic toys for men and women.

While until just five years ago most manufacturers approached adult products from the masculine optimum, the feminine revolution has given rise to new proposals to seek the most sensual pleasure in them. Today there is a whole new wave of brands that are creating authentic wonders of eroticism and sensuality for women, and also for other historically excluded groups.

The end of the gender gap in erotic pleasure

The orgasm gap has been diluted thanks to sextech or remote sex toys. The new proposals take into account the female anatomy and the characteristics and needs of other types of population groups to find erotic articles online for practically everyone.

The sexologists and experts at Cherish explain that this emergence of brands of erotic articles for all types of people and with special attention to female sensuality has to do with the assimilation as normal of taboo subjects such as the pleasure of women. Today’s society has begun to live its sexuality more openly, more intensely and without moral restrictions.

Women are becoming more and more aware of how to achieve pleasure for them and live their sexuality in a more open way, something to which it also contributes that at a social level certain preferences fall within the usual and are not stigmatized. users of social games for the act of using them.

Likewise, at the couple level there are also new dynamics in which both parties share an interest in exploring eroticism as a couple, with or without separation distance. Many top-selling sex toys are currently designed for both of you to feel pleasure at the same time, either remotely (like the new vibrators) or with both in the same physical space.


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