The Best Tips and Recommendations to Prevent Identity Theft or Phishing

Today technology is so deeply embedded in us that it is very easy to perform any kind of action through it, talk to any kind of person, and thousands of other things.

With the technological advances that exist today and taking advantage of the trust we have in them, many of the unscrupulous individuals have increased new techniques to perform their vile things and to trick other people into saying or performing actions intentionally.

Basically people take advantage of lack of security of, in this case, the internet portals, to be able to assume the identity of someone else, or to manipulate other individuals through these to obtain information or something else, taking advantage of their trust.

In this article we will tell you everything about this method to deceive people. You will also find everything you need to prevent a phishing attack.

computer robbery

What is phishing?

Phishing is a somewhat “modern” method that hackers use to deceive other individuals through the use of non-legitimate accounts or external entities, to manipulate third parties and thus get what they want.

People who practice phishing are meet as phisher and they usually use it mostly to get some information that they usually can’t access. Phishing can be used to steal data that can access victim accounts.

The phishers, or cyber criminals, that is, those who apply this technique to deceive people, need certain knowledge of social engineering to get the other individual to throw the data or perform the action that he wants.

To use this method, the phisher “hide” behind a supposedly official account of a company or after the identification of a third person, in this way manipulate their victims and take advantage of their trust to obtain some type of personal information or get the victim to do any type of thing that may generate losses in the future or immediately, such as obtaining personal data that allows the phisher to access the victim’s bank or personal accounts.

The phisher’s way of operating is not always to interact directly with the victim, another very common method is through malware or malicious software, which is the term used to identify computer codes or malicious programs, which are intended to cause damage to systems or automatically steal your data.

Types of phishing

Thieves and scammers are increasingly creating more up-to-date techniques to perform their vile acts, taking advantage of the trust that we can generate in third parties through social networks or any other form of communication. Next we will name you the types of phishing most common of the moment.

  • The spear phishing, is when the phisher investigates the victim and creates means of communication with data that he knows are recognized by the victim. This in order to manipulate it and obtain useful information to sell on the black market
  • Whaling or impersonation, it is called this way when the hacker uses an identity with authority recognized by the victim, it is generally used to manipulate it and make it make some contribution of money for the benefit of the phisher
  • The pharming, it occurs when the manipulation happens through an email received that contains the address of another page known to the victim. In order for it to access it, however, this web page is only a facade for the victim to enter their data and thus the hacker can take advantage of it to later impersonate their identity.

thief coming out of a computer

Tips and recommendations to prevent identity theft or phishing

  • Do not open or access unknown emails or links
  • To access a website which has reached you through an email or message, as a link, it is best to access it manually by typing the address in the browser and not directly from the link provided.
  • Constantly configure your PC security and privacy
  • Do not respond to messages or emails asking for any type of personal data or data with which they can access some of their accounts
  • Use some security software that is antimalware

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