The Best Types of Selfies You Didn’t Know Existed – Meet the Most Popular and Original

The Best Types of Selfies You Didnt Know

Many people around the world live daily taking photos here and there, but did you know that there are several types of Selfies? Well, here we tell you. If you want to be a professional with your mobile device and take the best photos, then read on and you will know which selfie is best for you to use.

The best types of selfies you didn’t know existed

Most likely, you have already taken a large number of photos using these types of selfies and you didn’t even imagine it. They are very popular I entered social networks, especially on Instagram, and the different photos that are invented each time are already an innovation.

Today, selfies are part of the lives of many people including influencers, who They seek to give their followers the best self-portraits. Just being in a perfect place, directing attention to what you like the most, clicking, maybe doing some touch-ups and that’s it.

What is the reason for a selfie?

Many would say that there is no specific reason to upload a selfie, however there are several reasons such as the following.

  • It’s clearly an exposure of yourself to the world, of what you like and what you do, and making a connection with others.
  • This is an activity that even the artists have implemented in their networks to keep their fans up to date.
  • Show your followers how they have captured the best times of their lives.

special occasion selfie

  • It can be used as marketing, some companies even use it to promote their services or products.

Meet the most popular and original

The types of selfies that we will describe below are from the easiest to do as well as the most daring. However, we recommend that you examine the following list, so you will fully know what you are offering through your networks.

  • Bedstagram: In this photo you are shown lying on your bed as you finished lifting.
  • Belfie: This photograph is taken especially to the back of the body.
  • Beardie: The photo where the gentlemen show their beards.
  • Braggie: With this photo you show off showing spectacular places.
  • Couplie: They are photos that are taken as a couple.
  • Drelfie: photo taken when drunk.
  • Dronie: In the age of innovation, a drone is used in this photo.
  • Felfie: It is a self-portrait of you together with some farm animal.
  • Helfie: With this photograph we show how beautiful our hair is or our change of look.
  • Legsie: Specifically photograph your legs.
  • Petselfie: If you love showing off your animal friend, this selfie is the one.
  • Photobomb: when you go out in someone else’s selfie.
  • Relfie: Widely used to show hands with costume jewelery, such as an engagement ring, a watch and the like.
  • Selfeye: If you love your eyes, this is the selfie for you, because only looks are focused.
  • Shelfie: It consists of a photograph using a pile of books as a background.
  • Shoefie: Here the protagonists are your shoes, perhaps your latest acquisition, or also if you want to show your feet.
  • Ussie: Here is a very funny group photograph, where a friend holds the cell phone or camera and takes the shot.
  • Welfie: With this selfie you show your efforts exercising and the progress you have made.
  • Youie: With this photograph you show someone else’s selfie.

Interesting, right? Well, in this world of photography there is always a lot of ingenuity, and when it comes to social networks, they cannot be absent. Surely you were surprised that certain selfies have their own names, and it will continue to do so as people come up with more ideas.

Some recommendations

Any resource that we use in social networks will project our image directly to an audience that maybe we know and maybe not. And of course we want to feel satisfied when we publish our selfies, so let’s do our best to be of quality and original.

innovating selfies

Through an original selfie, without abusing the filters and without putting our lives at risk, we can achieve many likes on social networks. We can quickly take advantage of the camera of our device, and thus not miss the moment of taking a selfie alone or in the company of our friends.

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