The best websites to download Audiobooks for free in Spanish

Reading is fine, but some people who have time can’t do it for whatever reason. It does not have to be the case for blind people (who cannot read either) but you may not be able to have a book in front of you.

If you want to read but without being able to do it, the best thing is listen to the book and on the web there are hundreds of pages where download Audiobooks free and in Spanish.


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Going a bit, I have found 3 that I found very good and I am going to comment on what I found:

  • TheAudiobooks – It is one of the best options I have found. Although it seems simple by design the large amount of content that is inside it surprise. You will find books classified in more than 20 categories and you can download them to your PC, tablet or mobile phone for later listening. The dubbing is (to a large extent) done by automatic reading programs and is not the best option although it is very well understood.
  • IvooxVisually It is much prettier than the previous one. In it you can find audiobooks, podcasts and other content in Spanish. The thematic variety that the podcasts cover is quite good and the sound quality of them as well. In addition to allowing the download, you can also listen to what you want directly online. It has over 3,100 Audiobooks to listen to.
  • Read listening – It has the most catalog small (about 500 books) but they are totally free and it includes in its ranks some of the most remarkable classics of world literature as well as the most recent works. The stories are very good and each book includes the synopsis.

If you are looking for something that you have not found, do not hesitate to do it directly in the comments.


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