The Command & Conquer saga becomes freeware to make way for the 4th installment

Command & Conquer, one of the most valued sagas in the world of strategy games, will launch its fourth installment next March. The promotion of this game is a good strategy on the part of EA, since it will place three parts of the game saga as freeware to win fans towards the final installment.

The released titles are:

The first two titles such as the original Command & Conquer and its sequel, Tiberian Sun accompanied by its Firestorm expansion.

On the other hand Red Alert, which was already free at the time, will also be released.

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The fact that EA has declared these games freeware is good news, for those who have never been able to enjoy the saga before, but with this it raises a lot of doubts, will so much promotion be necessary for the fourth installment to be popular? Command & Conquer fans are not being positive about it. In the fourth part no bases will be built, no Tiberium will be accumulated and a population limit will be established. On the other hand, it will require a permanent internet connection, bad news for people who do not have internet, although we can associate this «nonsense» with the anti-piracy campaign that EA has already applied sometime in the past.

I leave you a video of the Command & Conquer 4


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