There is already a jailbreak for Windows Phone 8

When we look for a cheap smartphone with high features, we normally turn to Android devices that do not need a jailbreak to work at full capacity (although being root gives you certain privileges), something different happens with iPhones that need to be hacked to have full control of the device. device and what about windows phones 8?

The Microsoft platform still does not have a method to unlock the system but the Windows Phone 8 jailbreak is already on the way and has been created by a group of chinese hackers. In this case they have unlocked a Nokia Lumia 920 but it can be applied to other devices with the same system.

We are facing an important step for the mobile platform of microsoft and it is well known that, despite the fact that these techniques may entail a serious risk for the user, they always end up arousing the curiosity of many who would never have trusted this system as a reference model. The biggest problem with jailbreaking is the large number of stores that will try to introduce malware based on good, but for that we just have to be a little cautious and do a little research.

Now it will be possible install unapproved apps (which aren’t in the Windows Phone Store) and you’ll open up a host of customization options that many thought would never exist. The tool will arrive throughout this year, 2014. In the video of the link you can see how it works.

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