Tipitty, a copy of chatroulette available in Spanish

In Spain we also have a Chatroulette copy, a website that allows us connect us with our webcam to any other user in a random way. It’s called Tipitty and the truth is that the clone is very good. It is well created and solves the problem of Chatroulette that is not available in Spanish quite well. Mind you, not everything you’ll find in this random video chat is good. We would like to tell you a little about him.

We have been testing this Chatroulette clone for a long time and the truth is that after a long time trying to find someone decent we have observed that there is a bit of a lack of control. As much as you go through cams and cams, you almost always see the occasional depraved one. It is true that in the middle of 2021 this has improved somewhat thanks to the artificial intelligence algorithms that identify them but are still not perfect.


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If you want to browse a bit, you will not only find bad things, you can find everything, try Tipitty. In case you want something more serious, it is best to consult an online chat, there are many options to be able to talk to other people for free online. Remember that the Internet is a wonderful place, which requires a bit of common sense to know how to distinguish between real people and people who want to scam or deceive you.

Remember not to give your personal data to strangers on the Internet and neither send money to the first exchange, since there will be many people who want to try to take advantage of you. But yes, this also happens in real life so it is not exclusive to the Internet.


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