Top of the Best Food Delivery Restaurants in Sabadell

In the autonomous community of Catalonia and within the province of Barcelona, ​​is the city of Sabadell. It is not only recognized for its history and relationship with the Industrial Revolution in the textile industry, but also for the incredible food delivery restaurants in Sabadell. The special flavors of this region leave nothing to the imagination and they will surely fit.

Catalan gastronomy is very wide and above all influenced by the Mediterranean style for the best seasoning of its dishes. From the sausage with beans, the seine foot to the veal in mushrooms, are some of the basic and traditional dishes within this city and that the restaurants are in charge of embellishing, retouching important aspects and inducing quality in their finishes.

What are the best food delivery restaurants in Sabadell?

Considering answering this question is of utmost importance, as it will bring the fate of a good culinary decision. Telepizza is the first in this peculiar list not only for its traditional pizzas or menu according to the demands of the clientele.

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In addition, they offer food delivery offers in Sabadell, with the popular Tuesdays off family pizzas and the promotion of the 2×1 in medium pizzas of the house. It is located mainly on Ctra. De Barcelona and its telephone number is +34 937 12 48 00 for first-rate personalized attention. Your delivery service is great!

Mexican food delivery places in Sabadell

Among the food delivery restaurants in Sabadell of this style and pleasant enough to taste, is El Rancho. A restaurant bar with the most demanded in nachos, guacamole and aphrodisiac cocktails typical of the Aztec country. It is located in Carrer del Metge Mir and its contact number is +34 931 70 49 77.


In turn, it is worth mentioning El Pendejo Restaurante, a peculiar place that lives up to its extravagant name. It is located in Carrer d ‘América in available for orders through +34 937 27 71 72. Its homey dishes set in Mexican cuisineThey also make it the best option to order home-cooked food at home in Sabadell within this category.

Best Asian food restaurants with delivery in Sabadell

Located in Plaza del Ángel, Otaya Sushi serves as the best choice for ordering Japanese food at home in the city. It is renowned for its sushi trays of all kinds with excellent presentation and their Japanese drinks culture favorites. This food delivery restaurant in Sabadell uses +34 937 35 35 14 as the contact number.

On the other hand, when it comes to ordering Chinese food at home in this part of Catalonia, Chang Sheng comes to the rescue. If in itself the atmosphere of the restaurant is from another world, the food to be tasted is even better.

varied exotic food

It is located at Av. De La Concordia and its current contact number is +34 937 23 77 05 for more information. Its premise is to serve the traditional Chinese dishes with the special touch of their cooks and the Asian country in general. Chinese rice, salads and duck in their different presentations are a guaranteed guarantee of an unforgettable culinary experience.

La Sandvitxeria: Healthy food at home in Sabadell

Food delivery restaurants in Sabadell of this particular class are scarce in the delivery service aspect. However, La Sandvitxeria in Carrer del Doctor Puig, offers a fairly acceptable alternative for lovers of healthy style.

Salads, homemade and refined burgers with «healthy» ingredients, tapas, portions and oriental vegetarian rollsPerhaps they are not liked by many, but within the healthy world, this type of menu is highly demanded.

Their contact number is +34 937 27 13 98 when asking for availability and managing everything related to food to the door of the home. With the delivery service you can order anything and easily.

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