Translate Word, Excel or Power Point files online without losing their format

When we read a lot, or need to understand another language well, we usually need a translator or two, sometimes to translate entire documents to a different language. Most of the applications that use this technology tend to copy and paste the text in the box and then give us the result in another box.

Sometimes this brings some other problem since we lose the file format we are dealing with, although we must recognize that if we use a free service such as Google translate we must not complain.


Although there is also a web application that helps us to translate texts in different formats to another language without losing the format from the file. His name is ONLINEDOCTRANSLATOR, Is completely gratuitous and does not require registration.

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It works under the Google Translate engine (very good) but in an optimized way, since it will accommodate the different texts with different formats so that this is not lost. Being a online tool we can use it in any OSWe just have to have a browser and Java Script.

Once we run the application we can convert Office files without losing formatting thereof. In addition it is simple to use, we just have to click on the format we are going to use, upload the file, choose the language and start the process. Then we can review or not the document.

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