Trick: Disable the police in GTA 5

In GTA 5 we have very little room to do the goat since the police start looking for us very quickly and in a really annoying way for doing any mischief (even for annoyingly sounding the horn in front of the cop).

Some fans have found a trick to completely deactivate the police within the game and, in this way, forget about how annoying it is that it chases you. Follow the steps below for it to take effect. I leave you a video where it is explained much better.

  • Play the construction assassination mission again.
  • Get past the first checkpoint and go up the elevator (which we see in the picture) but don’t go for your goal.
  • Exit the building by parachute.
  • Coming down from this the police will have disappeared from Los Santos and Blaine County.

With this trick you will be able to enter Fort Zancudo without being chased by the police, in the Los Santos airport and even in the penitentiary center without problems. It was one of the most requested and in the end it has appeared. Now you will have a great timeframe to sow chaos.

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