Trivia, the best trivia game for Android

Like any lover of culture I always like to know some curiosities and one of the best ways to do it is by playing games of the type Trivial (or trivia games). I have seen that there are a large number of games of this style for Android but if I have to stay with one I choose Trivia.

Triviated (formerly known as Be daring) is an online game that is available for several platforms (Android, iOS and BlackBerry) and could soon arrive on Windows Phone. It copies the mechanics of Trivial Pursuit and has more than 5000 questions and answers that are constantly updated.

Do not think that by playing more you will know more questions, these are updated often so that you do not lose the essence of the first day and if you play a lot you will notice that it is very rare that any question is repeated (And if a time passes since the last game it will be almost impossible). In the game you will find various categories:

  • Geography
  • History
  • Shows
  • sports
  • Science and Technology
  • Art and literature
  • Of everything

And even a mode that will be in focus only in football questions with different sections.

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To win you will have to collect the 7 small cheeses (in the game they are called stars) and you will be able to opt for the final round of questions where, once you get more than 4 right, you will win the game. Keep in mind that in the game you can steal stars, remove stars, challenge the opponent, etc.

As a novelty regarding competition, it is constantly being updated and allows games with more than 2 players to be played, with known and unknown players, etc. It is very addictive and be careful why more than one has been completely hooked. You will find it on Google Play, iTunes or in the BlackBerry app store.


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