Turn an LCD or LED TV with HDMI into 3D

Some time ago I told you about an adapter to convert some LCDs into 3D televisions. Now, I show you another and much more perfect.

thanks to this device any TV with HDMI can display images 3D. 3DManager It will allow you to not have to buy a new 3D TV and continue to take advantage of your current device.

Operates with all 3 TV formats and includes an adapter that convert the signal to a format that your TV can recognize by adjusting some parameters to be able to see the relief.

You could also acquire a signal transmitter-receiver that will allow your other televisions to also receive this 3D signal. You will only need enough glasses.

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Against I only highlight the price, The 3DManager with signal converters, 2 transmitters-receivers and several pairs of glasses, it costs €3,000.

It is intended for professional users, companies, etc. that have 2D TVs of great size and price at which it will be very expensive to change this equipment.

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