Tutorial: Change DNS in Windows 7

Most of you know what DNS is, but for those of you who don’t know much about the matter, I’ll translate it a little for you, DNS (Domain Name System) is a protocol, of which one of the most important functions is to translate domain names.

On the web there are DNS servers They contain a database that associates the IPs with their corresponding domain names (much easier to remember) as well as locates the email servers for each domain.

Tutorial. Cambiar DNS windows 7

For example, when you enter a website such as www.google.com, the DNS server associate that domain name to your IP (which would be some of the type, which is really the IP of the server where the page is located (the numerical address it can change for various reasons, even if the domain does not change).

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To enjoy a good connection and a fast resolution of domain names it is good to have a good DNS server, connections like R bring good DNS but for example, telephone bring some that work a lot evil. If you want to know what DNS combine you you only have to inform you here. But I recommend Google’s: and

For change DNS in Windows 7 you only have to:

  • Open the Start Menu> Control Panel> Network and Internet> Network and Sharing Center.
  • In this case, we do click local area connection (since we are connected by cable), but it can also be a wireless connection 1, 2, … (depending on the system we are using to connect to the Internet).

Conexion de %C3%A1rea local

  • We will get a window like the one in the image and we do click Properties.

Clic en propiedades

  • In the next window, we will select Internet Protocol version 4 and we will click on properties.

Clic en propiedades IpV4

  • At this stage is when we will have to enter DNS that we choose as shown in the image. We click on Use the following DNS server addresses, we enter the DNS, we click on Accept, we close everything (it is recommended to restart the PC) and we will already enjoy a new DNS, more updated and faster in most cases.

Cambiando DNS

And ready! We already have our DNS changed. Any doubt or suggestion it will be well received and resolved in the shortest possible time.


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