Tutorial: Connect vodafone wifi base to PC

Today I am going to make a very simple tutorial for people who have problems connecting their vodafone wifi base.

base wifi 3g

When buying it, the pack will come with the modem and the pot. We make sure that the modem has the sim inside and the we will connect to the vodafone wifi base. Most vodafone usb are compatible with this device so you will not have problems. After connecting the modem to the base we will connect the power of the device.

We will activate the power button from the back that puts ON/OFF.

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The lights on the front will start to blink, we will wait until the power and wlan lights are on.

We will connect a network cable from the base to our device, or we can connect by wifi, then we will find the network with a name similar to VODAFONE…. and we will enter the base password, which is below of it, put WPA WIFI KEY: XXXXXXXXXX, in case you want to know the encryption of the password for platforms such as the PSP is WPA (PSK).

Once connected, what we will do is introduce the following address in our browser: and we will press enter.


We will get a welcome screen like the following

pantalla dde bienvenida de web serverIn it we will enter the name of Username which brings by default: admin and the password too : admin.

We’ll press the button log in and the following interface will appear.


In it we will press the button of advanced In the bottom left.

avanzadoThen we will press the button PIN management and the following menu will appear:

gesti%C3%B3n de pin

In the PIN section we will enter the pin, leaving the options as shown in the images.

We will press the button Apply which is located in the lower right corner of the interface.

And ready we will close the session and the modem will be correctly connected to the internet. You will now be able to connect all the devices you want either by network cable or by Wi-Fi so that you will not have any problem nor will you need to have the PC on.

If you have any questions I will clarify it for you personally.


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