Tutorial: Connect wifi base R101 from vodafone to PC

Many people have asked me to do this tutorial and I have decided to buy the new Vodafone Wi-Fi base and explain how to configure the Vodafone r101 wifi base. For those who have the old one, there is also a tutorial here.

To start we will remove the Wi-Fi base from the box, we will connect the Vodafone modem with its sim inside and we will plug the Ethernet cable that is attached to the Wi-Fi base and to the PC that we choose to configure it.

There are also two other ways to connect:

  1. Connecting to it via Wi-Fi, we select the new network of the type VodafoneSharingDock_XXXXXX and enter the password that we find under the Wi-Fi base under the text security key: XXXXXXX.
  2. We press the key button that we find on the side of the box to connect automatically without using the password. (This option hasn’t worked for me but it should.)

I recommend connecting by cable to the Wi-Fi base as we do with any router. When we connect, we proceed to open the browser and we enter the address: in the address bar.

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We will look at this screen and we will click on PIN/PUK required and we will introduce the pin as in the image and press next.

With this simple step we will see how the light of the modem is fixed and we already have Internet. Now, to configure it, we are going to enter the word Admin in the login window.

Contrase%C3%B1a admin

Next we will see a panel like the following and in the upper right corner we will select the Spanish language to configure it easily.

(Optional) For change the network name we use the Wi-Fi option and the SSID name we enter the name we want for our network, a little further down we also see the Wi-Fi base password and we can change it to our liking.

The encryption used is recommended and is quite secure. I recommend that you keep the default password since you will always have it under the base and it will be impossible for you to forget. (Note that if you change the name you will have to reconnect to the new network and re-enter the password before continuing to set up the base).

In the 3G broadband option I recommend you check the 3G only option to avoid being accidentally connected to the old network and having a significant speed loss.

After these steps we will have the Wi-Fi base correctly configured to navigate, in the next installments I will explain how to open the ports of the vodafone R101 Wi-Fi base and how to configure the multimedia server to access the micro SD from any PC.

Any questions will be well received and clarified.


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