Tutorial: Hack PS3 with firmware 3.55

Even falling into the hands of the scene, Sony can be proud of its PS3, which spent 4 years undefeated against hackers. The Japanese brand is still trying to remedy the hack, although those responsible say it is impossible.

After the arrival of the console signing and encryption keys and the first custom firmware for the console, Geohot has created a system to do jailbreak to the console with the firmware 3.55, allowing the installation of third-party homebrew.

In Very Safety they have elaborated a simple guide (translating the one from Geohot) in which they guide us step by step through the process to jailbreak our console with firmware 3.55.

At the moment it is only possible to load new homebrew, but it will be a matter of days before backups and old homebrew are loaded. To carry out the process you do not need advanced computer knowledge, just a pendrive in Fat32 format, the console and few weather.

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GUIDE: PS3 Jailbreak with Firmware 3.55


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