Tutorial: How to create portals in Ingress

I participate in the Ingress Closed Beta, the game of geolocation of Google. A few days ago I told you about my first impressions but I’m already getting the hang of the NianticLabs game and I must say that it’s addicting (I’m already at level 3). In a few days I will proceed to make a small ingress guide in Spanish for the newest.

Portales en Ingress

If you have also received a invitation to the game maybe you’re a little lost or, based on research, you’ll be addicted like me (as long as you like to walk). The key to Ingress is the portals and where I currently live (Santiago de Compostela) we can find quite a few.

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Where are the portals? well in areas of interest (especially in monuments or historical heritage).

Now, if you live in a city where there is no sad portal or there are very few (it does not have to be a remote corner, in some cities there are not many) you should know that you can and should create portals. How do you create a portal? Well, it’s very simple, follow the steps I recommend below:

  • First, find a qualifying area to be a portal (this is relative since the definition of the places where you could place a portal is very broad). Look for a place with some type of interest (monuments, churches, old buildings, squares, parks, natural areas, important streets, palaces, hotels, libraries, post offices, museums, etc.).
  • Once you have it you will have to take a picture with the GPS on (and the option to add geolocation activated, in my Galaxy we find this option in the camera settings as GPS tag).

Compartir con NIA Super Ops

  • Once the photo is taken, we are ready to share it, we choose NIA Super Ops as in the image (obviously, we need to have Ingress installed for this option to appear).

T%C3%ADtulo de portal de Ingress

  • Now, the image will appear and it will ask us for a qualification (the title of the portal we want to create).
  • When we enter the title and click on Accept the application will send us the email that will send the photo to the address: [email protected]. Remember to send the mail because otherwise it won’t do any good.

Once these steps are done you need to know that the portal will not be created automatically. We’ll have to wait a few days for the moderator approves or rejects your request.

I don’t know how long to wait, if they approve any of the portals I have proposed I will tell you how long it took to arrive (I sent it today). Most of the portals are created so that if you have not taken a photo of your dog, it will appear for sure.


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