Tutorial: How to decrease the Ping?

What is it and what is it for? Ping?

Ping (Packet Internet Gopher) is a test or utility that check your connection status with one or several remote computers by means of echo packet request and response (defined in the network protocol) to determine if your IP is accessible to a network. Very useful for diagnose errors in IP networks or routers.

Doing a PING is very simple:

You open the console, (run – cmd) and put ping (after the ip or domain you want) for example: ping electrorincon.com

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Open the terminal that you like the most and put the same ping (after the ip or domain you want) for example: ping electrorincon.com

But most of the time and in the world of gamers ping is one struggle tireless (since we want to decrease it) in which we measure the latency or time how long does our pc take communicate with the server we are playing on, so the PING is the lag or latency connection in online games.


Currently I don’t play much online, because I use a vodafone usb modem, the problem with these devices is the high ping they have, the download speed is amazing and the upload speed is amazing, but when you go into Modern Warfare and see (this server is only for players with low Ping) you start hitting the head and you stop to think how to reduce this.

How do I decrease or lower the PING?

The truth is that there’s not much to do to decrease it, the Ping is something that depends on your ISP, who offers you the line and the type of cable you use, the technologies wired have a much lower Ping, although Telefónica offers Pings in Spain that are too high for its connections. Currently the networks optical fiber offers quite a ping Okay to play.

You will have to inform you of the company that offers you less ping and change if you want to experience an abysmal change, because R here in Santiago de Compostela offers you a ping of up to 40ms which is very good to play, telephone will be closer to 100. If we compare it with the ping of some German barbarian who is putting a good beating to Modern Warfare with his ping of 10 or twenty it’s no big deal.

If you can follow some of these advice:

  • Cmiss services like MSN or Bitorrent so that they do not affect your connection at all when you are playing if you have a high Ping.
  • Minimize your wiring at home, if you connect your PC to a hub, this one switch, this one modem and this to an adapter the ping will be much higher, how many Fewer devices get in the way between your computer and the Internet, the ping will be lower.
  • If you have several PCs and they are on, the Ping will be much higher.
  • Make sure you have your clean computer from worms. The virus They greatly decrease PING.
  • play in the hours when there is less traffic, if you play at 4 in the morning the Ping will be much lower since the traffic is lower.

To check your real PING is good play with all other devices unplugged and your pc connected directly to the modem.

looking in Google I have found this great video where Edercoree explains how decrease the ping of our connection, although it will not be an abysmal improvement and we will not be able to reach a Ping of 40 if we will significantly improve the response time of our connection, at least we will lower the Ping by about 10ms.



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