Tutorial: How to fix a smartphone or a USB stick that has gotten wet?

Did you drop your mobile to the toilet? It is something that has never happened to me but I know a lot of people who happen to them, what will they think to make this happen? Have you wet a pendrive because it has gone to the washing machine and you want to recover the data?

These are questions that can be answered even though I cannot assure that in 100% of the cases it will work the following but if I know that there is a high probability that fix your favorite gadget.

To start you have to follow the following tips, they are very easy to carry out and anyone can do it:

  • Don’t plug it in to the PC or drunk, in the case of the pendrive. In the case of the mobile, if it is on, turn it off. That is the most important thing to avoid internal short circuits that would end the life of your device in seconds.
  • Don’t use heat, no hair dryers even if it works. In the case of the dryer, at first it would work but the welds of this type of device are so weak that they could move in seconds and end the life of our device.
  • Start to disassemble it As much as you can, it is evident that the plastic parts simply dry them and leave them a little so that the humidity is removed.

And once you do these steps you will have to perform the master step:

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Take a container adapted to the size of the pendrive or mobile and fill it with rice (if it is long better). Once you have it, put the device inside during 24 hours in a place where the air can flow (in the patio, on the balcony, near a window, etc. but without getting it wet).

Once this is done you can give it a little with the hair dryer but with cold air (many dryers have this option) and give it from afar (half a meter), the heat could even shrink the plastic.

Finally you will only have to mount the device and to cross fingers So that it works without sequelae, in the event that the pendrive works on the PC, you can also hit a corner in the teeth and be careful next time. In the case of the pendrive, make a backup copy because the pendrive might not be so reliable but at least it will help you retrieve the information.


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