Tutorial: How to record PS4 and PS3 via HDMI?

When we presented the PS4 at the time, we talked about a superior difference in instant recording compared to its competitor, the Xbox One. In any case, this recording time is not enough for all those who dedicate themselves professionally to the world of YouTube.

I do not want to debate who is or is not professionally dedicated to it, but what I would like to explain is how to record the PS4 and also the PS3 with an HDMI capture device. It was said at the time that Sony would eliminate DHCP protection on PS4 but this has not yet been the case and that is why it is necessary to perform this little trick.

HDMI splitter

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To record the PS3 and PS4 via HDMI we need an HDMI splitter (a device that allows us to switch the HDMI output and offer 2 outputs) although we are only going to use one to record. I have tried several and I recommend this one:

  • HDMI Splitter – You can get it on Amazon for a few 18 euros.

With this small device we will achieve remove DHCP protection and the connection will be as follows:

  • The HDMI cable from the console connected to the Splitter.
  • One of the splitter outputs connected to the capture device (AverMedia, ElGato, etc.).
  • The capture output to the TV.

With this little guy You will be able to record via HDMI without suffering the loss of quality that occurs due to using the component cable. It is valid for PS3 and PS4.


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