Tutorial: Install Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx in VirtualBox

For the new adventurers or not so new, I will perform a simple and detailed tutorial about how to install an Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx distribution on a virtual machine, for those who do not sound like this at all, a virtual machine is a program that we install on the pc and emulates a Virtual PC in which we can install an operating system as we do on the physical PC, virtual machines are good for testing new operating systems without modifying ours before changing.


I am going to use Virtual Box for the emulation of the virtual PC. In it I will install the Ubuntu Lucid Lynx LTS, which you can download from here (I have chosen the desktop version for intel). To begin we download Virtual Box if we do not have it yet. Well let’s start:

  • We open Virtual Box and click on New in the upper left corner (where we will create a new virtual machine).

1 Menu Virtual Box

  • Now him attendee will help us to configure our new virtual machine, on the first screen we click on following, later we enter the name of our new virtual machine (the one you want) and the operating system that we want to install (in this case Linux and Ubuntu version), being that way:

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2 Nombre de la maquina

  • We click on following, on the screen that will appear next we will choose the amount of ram memory we want our virtual machine to have. Ubuntu does not need much, I will I will allocate 800Mb, but you should know the amount of ram available in the system, if you have some 2GB of ram and you use Windows 7 or Vista you can assign it 800Mb of ram like me. If you have more ram you can assign more but I don’t think it is necessary for a basic use of the system.

3 memoria

  • When allocating memory we will click on next where we will proceed to the allocation of a virtual hard disk for our pc, leave the options as in the image and click on next:

4 disco duro virtual

  • By clicking on following will take us to the assistant creating virtual hard drives, we will click on the first screen in following and then We will choose the dynamic expansion storage option (The hard disk will gain space in the system as we fill it, if we choose fixed-size storage, the hard disk will be taking up space in our system without filling it).

5 Almacenamiento de expansi%C3%B3n dinamica

  • Now when clicking on following we will select the size and name of the hard drive, I’m going to give you some 20Gb of spaceThey will be more than enough, if you have a lot of additional space you can give it more space. If, on the other hand, you go a little fair, with about 10GB it will be more than enough.

Tama%C3%B1o del disco virtual

  • We will click on next, finish and finish. Already we will have created our new virtual machine.
  • Now I’m going to allocate a little more memory for the graphics (you can skip this step if you don’t need it), for it in the first virtual box screen we select the virtual machine that we create and click on configuration, I will click on the screen option and give some 64Mb of video memory and I will activate 3D acceleration and click on accept.

7 pantalla

  • Now we just have to select our new virtual machine and click on start, at the beginning we will get a assistant to select the CD that we want to insert in the virtual reader of our new machine. next and select CD / DVD device. Then we click on the folder next to media source and in her we will add a new cd image. We just have to click on add, find the image we want to install (in this case I have saved the image I downloaded at the beginning on the desktop) , then when selecting it (it will put something like ubuntu -10.04-desktop-i386 if you have downloaded the same one as me) click on it and select. Then next and then to finish, we have booting our virtual machine with the ubuntu cd inside.

8 agregando imagen

  • To the start the version we will wait a while , we will start Ubuntu live from cd (install ubuntu without altering the computer) and the following screen will appear in which we can test the OS, if you like it we will start now, we will click on install Ubuntu 10.04. These steps too They are valid to install Lucid Lynx on any pc booting the installation cd. The steps to follow are the same from here! If you do not want to try it, you can access to install Lucid Lynx as the menu indicates after having chosen the language, the steps will be the same.
  • 1 arranco sistema en vivo

  • By clicking on install Ubuntu A simple interface will open, in which we will follow a series of steps, on the first screen we will select the language.

2 adelante

  • On the second screen we will select the time zone and we will continue.

3 reloj

  • On the third screen we will choose the keyboard distribution, I continue with the one that comes by default.

4 teclado

  • In the fourth screen we will select erase and use the entire hard drive (do not worry what you do here will not affect your computer or your operating system at all) will work the same as always.

5 particion

  • On the fifth screen we will enter the name and password (Be careful! Remember the password well), you can choose to ask for the password at startup or log in automatically, for me it is more comfortable.

6 nombre

  • In the sixth screen we will see the changes that we are going to make and click on install.

7 instalar

  • Y the installation will begin:

8 Instalando

  • At the end of the installation it will ask you to reboot the team.

finalizar reiniciar

  • Then you must unmount the ubuntu installation cd, in the menu devices from the window, click on CD / DVD devices and select the CD that is marked. And ready When you restart you will have your Lucid Lynx just installed and ready to go.


  • Ubuntu ready, to be able to make it full screen you must install the guest adittions, but in principle it will be usual for you like this, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with this before. I leave you a tutorial here. And remember that now all the changes you make inside the machine will not affect your host.

Ubuntu DesktopEnjoy the final version of Ubuntu 10.04.

You can even install the Kubuntu version in the same way. If you have questions about how to proceed, consult me ​​and I will guide you through a more detailed process.

(some of the images may vary a bit but do not panic)


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