Tutorial: Making homemade 3D glasses

We observe that more and more films and applications incorporate 3D. For this we not only need a special screen but we also need some 3-D glasses.


Today I will explain how create 3D glasses home made easy.

We need:

  • Cardboard
  • red and blue cellophane wrap
  • Glue
  • Pair of scissors

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Making them is enough easy:

  1. We start by downloading this file or this (choose the model you like the most), which will be the mold of the 3D glasses that we will use. It we print on thick cardboard (that fits through the printer.xD).
  2. We cut the cellophane of the two colors, so that it fits in the mold, do not cut it just, leave a little margin to stick it.
  3. REMEMBER: The red paper in the left eye, the blue in the right eye.
  4. we paste the papers cut out on the cardboard and the pins at each end where it says GLUE (glue).
  5. And that’s it, we’ll have our glasses ready 3D homemade to view all kinds of 3D videos.



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