Tutorial: Open the ports of your vodafone Wi-Fi base

The default vodafone usb modem have all ports open, but when connecting them to the wifi base this can block the data output a bit and we need to open the ports, today I am going to give you a trick so that it works much faster and you do not get anywhere that you have the ports closed.

base wifi 3g

To access the modem you will follow the tutorial that I previously elaborated here

After accessing the interface you will follow these steps:

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When you are inside the interface, after entering the username and password you will disconnect the connection to be able to configure it as follows, click on wan connection in the menu on the left, then select manual connection and click apply

primer pasoBy doing this Now you can also change so that the modem works only with a 3G connection, in the following way, when you click on 3G configuration in the menu on the left, a window like this will appear and you will click on only WCDMA and you will apply the changes.

2 pasoFor configure the ports and prevent any block for the use of torrents, p2p, we are going to access the router in the menu on the left and we will change the following data, we will activate the UPNP as in the image and we will leave the DHCP assignment time in 24 hours.

3 pasoIf we usually use a single computer we will also activate the DMZ, which opens all ports for higher speed, this is only possible configure it for a single ip, by default the ips of the vodafone routers start at, what we have to do is click on Firewall, click on DMZ and enter the data of our ip as in the image and check the enabled box, in the case of the ip address we will have to enter our ip. To consult it will be very easy, I explain it below for those who do not know.

4 pasoUs we go to the command prompt, windows console or ms-2, and in it we write cmd, press enter, then ipconfig and we will get the information where it will show us the ip of our computer like in the image.

Adivinar la ipAnd now we will no longer get the red symbol in our usual torrent client.

I hope it has been helpful, if you have any questions do not hesitate to leave your comment that will be answered quickly.


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