Tutorial: Restore Notification Area Volume, Battery, and Network Icons in Windows 7

If you ever log into your Windows 7 session and find that you are Multiple icons are missing from notification area (Network, battery (in the case of a laptop), volume or the activity center) quiet, everything has solution. How to know if you have lost the system icons?

Iconos en el %C3%A1re de notificaci%C3%B3n

You will notice when when you start your Windows session completely, these have not loaded as usual and, when you try to reset them in the «Customize» option in the notification area, they are deactivated no option to change.

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Solving it is very simple, we only have to access the registry, entering the command «Regedit»In the search bar of the start menu and press Enter. Thus we will access the Windows registry (In case the flies, do not touch anything more than what we mentioned since the registry stores important data for the integrity of the system).

Once inside we look for the route: HKEY_CURRENT_USER> Software> Classes> Local Settings> Software> Microsoft> Windows> Current Version> TrayNotify

As in the image, we look for the records: IconStreams Y PastIconsStream, once the we eliminate. We access the task manager and we close the Explorer.exe process on the Processes tab. We locate it, right-click and End process.


Once this step is done, we will only have reset the Explorer.exe process. To do this, without closing the task manager, click on Archive and we choose the option New homework. When the window opens we enter «Explorer.exe » as in the image and we will see how this time if it loads the system icons.

This time we already enjoy the system icons that many will quickly miss being very practical to control wireless connections and volume.


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