Tutorial: Run programs at startup in Windows 8.1

It was very easy to run programs at startup in Windows XP and even in Windows 7. To do so we just had to add a shortcut to the start menu in the section that said Start. If you are looking for a way to run any file or program in Windows 8.1 (or Windows 8) when you start your PC, I will show you how to do it.

Actually the method is the same only, we have to remember, in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 there is no start menu at first glance although there are some ways to add it. Although Microsoft insists that it has innovated a lot in this new version of Windows, I am clear that this has not been the case and, although it has changed a lot visually, the processes to be applied are the same as always and it is even difficult to turn off the PC.

Start menu in Windows 8.1

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To get to the start menu we have to use the keyboard shortcut, Windows key + R which will open, as in the image below, the run dialog. In this field you must enter the command Shell: Startup.

A folder called Home will be opened and in it we can paste any file, program, direct access or even direct access to a document that we want to be run when we boot the operating system again. This time I have added Chrome.

Run programs at startup in Windows 8.1

I would like to remind you that you should not add many programs if you do not have a moderately powerful computer because, in this way, you will suffer a very slow start and you will have to wait longer for your PC to be ready to work. I like Windows 8.1 but still without looking useful and that is one of the reasons why, on my main PC, I am still using Windows 7 and have not opted to purchase a Windows 8 license.

In Windows 8.1 it seems that everything is magnified and the options that, at first were easy, now have to be searched more and more although, one of the aspects that has improved a lot, the screenshots do have more options and become more intuitive than Windows 7.


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