Tutorial: Share PC Internet connection with PS3

I’ve looked around the net a bit and haven’t found one. tutorial good enough for connect the PS3 to the PC and share the internet connection of the PCTherefore, I have decided to create a tutorial as detailed as possible to help people who need to do it. a totally process legal and for which we don’t need to hack the console.

You may need it for different reasons, the most common are:

The truth is that it is easier than it seems to share the Internet connection of the PC with PS3. To share the connection we need several things:

  1. a pc with two network cards or with a single local area card and a 3G modems, most laptops incorporate 2, that of local network (to which we connect the Ethernet cable) and the Wifi (the one we use to connect wirelessly).
  2. A PlayStation 3 (it does not matter the model or the firmware version).
  3. an ethernet cable.

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If we have all this we are going to start, to connect both, we have to set up pc and ps3. Both configurations are very simple, we will start with:


On the PC we have to touch two points, this time I will use Windows 7 to carry out the process but in other operating systems it is a very similar process (we can also do it with XP or Vista).

To begin with, if we have an Ethernet cable connected, we will proceed to unplug it.

Go to Start Menu > Control Panel > Network and Internet and click on Center network and sharing.

In the center of Networks, we find several options, in the left column, we select, Change adapter settings.

Paso 2

We will generally find two adapters, or more, we have to be clear about which ones we need. In most cases, we will grab the connection we want to share in the Wireless network connection.

To do this, we click with the right button on the wireless network connection or in the case of 3G Modem, the corresponding connection and press the button Properties.

Habilitar uso compartido

Next, we go to the tab Shared use Y we mark the two boxes like in the image. Now let’s go configure local area connection which will be where we will connect the ethernet cable that will then be connected to the PS3. We right-click on Local Area Connection and then in Properties.

Paso 4

Then, as in the image, we click on Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and then we click the button Properties.

Propiedades de Red

We leave the boxes as in the previous image. We put the

IP: Y Subnet mask:

We click OK and that’s it, we already have the PC configured, now, let’s move on to:


We turn on the PS3 and select:

  • Settings.
  • We are going to network settings.
  • We are going to Internet connection settings.
  • In the settings we select an adjustment method: personalized.
  • We select the connection method: By cable.
  • We select the operating mode: automatic detection.
  • We select the IP address setting: Handbook.
  • We fill in the fields with the data:

IP address:

Subnet Mask:

Default router:

Primary DNS:

  • We select the MTU: Automatic.
  • We select the proxy server: Do not use.
  • We select if we are going to use UPnP: Activate.
  • We press the button X to save settings.
  • Instead of testing the connection, we hit 0 and exit, then turn off the console and we already have it fully configured to connect.

Now, let’s:


We take the Ethernet cable (similar to the one in the image), and with the PC off and PS3 off, we connect on one side the rear connection of the Playstation 3 and on the other end of the cable, the Ethernet connection of our PC.

Cable Ethernet

Now, we turn on the PC, once we have the desktop fully loaded and our Wi-Fi connection active or our 3G modem connection working, we turn on the PS3. We wait a little bit and we will see how in our PS3 we can surf the Internet, play games or download packages perfectly.

And with this, I hope you have been able connect ps3 to pc to share internet connection. if you have any doubt comment so that I can help you.


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