Tutorial: Watch MKV Videos on PS3

Because many people want view mkv videos on ps3 I have decided to make this tutorial on how to do it. It we will convert still format that the ps3 does support called m2ts.

Sony PS3 KMV

Only we need two programs the ts_muxer and the videoinspector.

There are two methods to put MKV on PS3

The automatic method

  • This is the method easy we just need the tsmuxer, it open select the mkv file Y we take the audios that we want to save for the m2ts.
  • Below we select m2ts in the output format. we give to star muxing and in a few minutes ready. If the audio is uncoordinated, it doesn’t happen often but you have to use a slightly more difficult method.

The manual method (if the audio is uncoordinated after the automatic method):

  • We download the video inspector, we open it we give it to search and select our mkv.
  • It will give us information from various fields, to us what we are interested in is the number of FPS.
  • A video can have different types of FPS, the normal thing in an mkv is that they vary between 23.96 fps to 25 fps, but we can find videos of 30, 40, 50 fps although it is not highly recommended that a video have this transition speed.In this image we see that it has 25FPS.

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tutorial 1

  • Later we will use the TsMuxer. We add the video and all the audio and subtitles it contains will not appear, by clicking on the box we can leave it for the final work or remove them and leave only what interests us to reduce the size of the video.
  • In this image we see an example, previously we saw that this mkv had an fps of 25, therefore click on the video and below select 25, we can also change the SPS/PPS but that doesn’t matter.

tutorial 3

  • After that, we give Star Muxing, we hope and the audio will work perfectly.
  • We put the generated file in a pen, dvd…whatever we want and what We visualize it on our PS3 without any loss of quality. Enjoy it!

I hope the tutorial has been helpful to you.

If you have any questions, I will clarify them quickly.


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