Two alternatives to see a BIDI code online

I have seen that there are many websites with BIDI code, originally this type of code has been built for mobile but I think they are not yet at 100% of their potential. The problem usually lies in those companies that provide you with a BIDI code for your mobile and then take you to a website that has no design responsive or that you don’t have a template for your smartphone, your navigation will be really bad.

Society is like that, it wants to innovate and in the end it ends up messing up, these codes should only be used if you have a 100% functional website from mobile devices and not to show urls that are almost impossible to read in one of these pots. Now, you don’t have to open these websites on it and you can do it on your PC.

BIDI code

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There are several programs to open a BIDI code but I don’t think it is necessary to install anything on your PC. The best for open a BIDI code is to do it on-line and I have found two really good solutions.

  • Zxing – The first one I have found, I have provided a BIDI code and it has worked really well.
  • Online Barcode Reader – Another alternative in case, at some point, the first one does not work well. It totally works and does it just as well as the first one.

For them to work you only have to enter the URL of a BIDI code or upload the image through your PC. What I do is use the Windows cutouts and upload the image, recognizes it very quickly and provides you with the URL it links to. Have you been able to do it? I’m sure you’re dying to read some BIDI code online.


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