Unlock and Use All Free Garmin Maps

The detailed maps for GPS they are extremely useful. Garmin maps are highly detailed in topography and contain quick search for trails a car can drive on as well as highways. These maps are governed by satellite images which provide users with a facility that helps meet their needs.

These maps can be installed in many devices, they have the facility within their programs to measure various types of distances, such as aerial ones, and calculate them (). For reasons as flexible as these, many seek to use them.

Also many other users feel fascinated by the comfort of the GPS today. For instance, using google earth they can create maps, that has increased the number of users. In this article, the central topic will be how to unlock and activate Garmin maps for free.

Garmin Maps

This type of maps can be obtained in a paid way, since Obtaining it free of charge is not possible unless a series of steps are followed which will be shown later. It is easy to work with this kind of maps since you have the possibility of creating more routes and joining them to the GPS that is being used in a device.

phone with gps map

Garmin maps have the ability to your device location is found in case it is stolenThis benefits users as it gives them a backup in case of emergencies like that. With details like this, the number of advantages of preferring this kind of map can be noted.

The question arises,How is it possible to use these maps if they are blocked when they are not paid? And is there a possibility to use the locked maps that are already installed on the device? Yes, there are a series of steps that must be followed to install them actively.

How to Activate a Garmin GPS

Activating a Garmin GPS is very simple, you just have to press the action key, then select settings, and press the alternative sensors. Once there, select GPS, then you must select the activation and deactivation key, this so that you activate the use of GPS.

Steps to be followed to unlock the maps

First of all it must be downloaded and also executed PGFT. When running, you must choose the option to run as administrator. In this section it must be taken into account that there are two options when executing. The 64-bit and the 32-bit. The user will be able to use the one that best suits their device.

The next step is go to tab which is named MapSource. In this case, the base map will be displayed on the screen, and from there you need to locate where the locked map appears. The third point is applied in case of not finding the locked map in sight. In this case, BaseCamp must be activated, this will show a window with certain maps that are blocked.

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The execution of the maps continues but this time from the command. There you can find the state of the map we are looking for. If it’s locked, as is the safest thing to do, this map will appear like this. At this point, the most important thing to know will be the location of the map, so you should make a note of it to use it later.

Final steps for activating Garmin maps

The user must go back to PGFT, there he must click Unlock, followed by this you will be able to have access to the file with the location of which it has been noted previously. This system will upload all the data in the registry of that map, the name, among other references to use. And to unlock it you must click on Unlock.

The BaseCamp and also the PGFT must be closed in order for all the changes made to this map to be saved to unblock the needed route. With these changes saved, it should be opened again to take a look to see if it was saved as expected.

With these steps to follow you will be able to have an unlocked Garmin map. And not just one, but any of those in need, because only it will be a matter of the user in need following the series of steps already outlined to be able to obtain them and benefit from their use as a road map. Garmin maps are great for locations.

mobile phone with garmin map

How to turn maps on and off in Garmin GPS

These devices allow us to charge various maps to be able to help us with our orientation or guide, but it always happens that it is our turn turn them on or off And we do not know how, sometimes this type of device is usually a bit difficult to handle, but do not worry you just have to follow the steps that we will give you below.

First you must go to the screen of navigation, followed by this you must press the side button of the menu, the alternatives that the menu offers you vary but in this case the one you must press is the one indicated “Select Map”, then you will see a list with the maps that you have saved in Garmin, each of them will tell you if it is activated or not; select the map you want to activate or deactivate, when you have already done this a small menu will appear where you will get the options activate or desactivate press any of these alternatives and voila, you can enjoy your trip.

How to install free maps on Garmin

Mainly we can say that all devices Garmin They offer you a series of base maps which are pre-installed from the factory, these provide you with the information you need for your travels. So that you can have better access to the routes of the maps and have a better cartography, you just have to follow the steps that we will give you:

  • When you get your device Garmin, you must remove the pre-installed maps from the device, this in order to get rid of unnecessary elements and also to free up space.
  • As a second step you must download some programs, which allow you access to maps and routes for Garmin, these can be Mapinstall, Basecamp, and webupdater.
  • Following this we proceed to download the maps for our GpsYou have several options, you can buy the official maps that Garmin offers you or you can also download the cartographic maps suitable for GPS for free

How to Unlock Maps from a Garmin GPS

To unlock and access the maps of the Garmin GPS You just have to follow the guide that we will give you, so that you can enjoy your outings with the security of not getting lost.

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You just have to go to my.garmin.com from your computer’s web browser, use the USB cable so that you can connect your GPS to the computer, press the button under the device information section and select “Search for devices” Enter the GPS serial code, which can be found in the serial number box below the Unlock Information alternative. You must enter the 8-character password that is on the back of the software disc, and touch unlock the map.

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