Use this corrupted file generator to create broken files easily

A corrupt or damaged file is one that its logical content is not well ordered or is not valid, which causes problems to open it or a malfunction of the applications that depend on it. This can be done intentionally and here we tell you which is the best corrupted file generator.

Why generate a corrupt file? If you are a developer, corrupted files are used for testing applications, among other things. You put them there to see how the application responds (for example). Suppose you have to deliver a material, be it to your teacher or a client, your time is up and you don’t have it ready. You can create a corrupt file and submit it. Of course it won’t work for whoever you send it to, but you have an excuse to buy more time. It is not very moral to say, but sometimes you have to resort to extremes.

It is useful too to prank someone: You swear and assure that the file was fine when you sent it, that it was damaged on your PC, that you check the device, the antivirus. You can play for a while with that person (evil is something that depends on you). And now we go with the important thing, the online broken file creator that will allow you to do all this.

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corrupted file generator

The best corrupt file generator

We are going to give you two alternatives. Both are easy to useYou only have to upload the file you want to be corrupt to the corresponding web page, mark some options, such as how corrupt you want it; and ready. The generators make the file corrupt and then you have to download those corrupt files to your PC again.

PINETOOlS, various functions for files

It is a page that is in English and Spanish with several utilities, including a corrupt file creator:

  • To do simple tasks, such as calculator, calculate area, rule of three simple direct and inverse, treatment of colors, images, etc. It even brings some programming tools: css formatter, HTML formatter, Javasript, among others.
  • Regarding the generation of corrupt files, you can choose the level of corruption in percentages, from 30% onwards. You also have other functions for files, such as splitting and joining files, random file generator, etc.

In the «Files» menu you will find the corrupted file generator. You can see it by pressing the following button:

PINETOOL corrupt files

Corrupt-a-file, simple, effective and versatile

East file corrupter It has is in English but it works well and is simple.

  • You can upload files from your PC, Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • It can corrupt any type of file: Word, Excel, archives, MP3, etc. It will be very easy to create a corrupt document with this tool.

If you want to explore and use it, press the following button:

Corrupt-a-file corrupt files

Ready, you already have a corrupt file. If it helps you to test the applications you are developing, perfect. If you use it as an excuse, don’t get used to it, because cheats don’t last forever. There is nothing better than getting organized, getting work done and being responsible. If it’s for a joke, remember that these are good for a short time and not in a row, unless you want to be a bore. Don’t tell anyone how to make a corrupt file or they might find out your trick.


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