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You can already see the new series of Antena 3, «Boat«, which replaced the Internship in the chain and will try to gain followers. Globomedia, the same production company as «El Internado» is in charge of the series.

Between his argument, he will narrate us as a school ship in which a group of young people travel hide mysteries that the protagonists will try to solve. All very mysterious, it reminds me of something, but innovating and starting with a plot line related to the classic Jules Verne.

El Barco antena 3

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The «Polar Star» will set sail tonight and may not return to land but surely more than one will wish that it never does so seeing its protagonists, among the cast they stand out mario houses or Blanca Suarez.

Some of us were already able to see the chapter last Thursday on the Internet, but if you missed it you can see the new and old chapters on the antenna web 3.



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