Wayook: Hiring an online cleaning service has never been so easy

The Internet of Things is still starting up and the truth is that we do not understand the potential that this may have, however, the contracting online services It is something more than common today and Wayook.es offers us something very interesting.

Who likes having to search through ad pages to find someone to clean their house? How can you be sure that this person is not going to let you down? How do you find a professional in less than 1 minute to clean your fridge? This is what Wayook does for you, it is a website that allows you book and hire a professional cleaning service in 60 seconds. Wayook already works in more than 100 Spanish cities and using it is very simple.

Hire cleaning online Wayook

Wayook: Find cleaning professionals in less than 60 seconds

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Wayook is not one of those applications in which you enter and professionals offer their services, don’t get confused, in Wayook you can hire a cleaning service in Barcelona with a couple of clicks and its operation is very simple.

  • You enter Wayoook.es.
  • you introduce Postal Code (in some very small Spanish cities it might not work but Wayook is actively working to be able to offer the service in 100% of the Spanish territory).
  • Indicate in the first tab the data of when you want hire the service and customize your needs (frequency, products to be cleaned, need to carry cleaning products, etc.).
  • Once in the next stage you will only have to provide address and personal data to register (if you haven’t already done so).
  • Fill in the payment details and do the same through a totally secure gateway, in Wayook there are discount codes that you can add to obtain a better price in cleaning service.
  • Observe the price and discover how much each thing costs in detail, once you are satisfied with the service you will only have to confirm it and you will not worry about everything else, it is very simple.

Hire Wayook

At Wayook they select professionals with the utmost care and make responsible for everything that can happen in the cleaning service, which will give you great peace of mind when hiring a professional service. In addition to that, this service allows you to cancel contracts in less than 24 hours if any problem arises and offers you great flexibility.

If you have not been satisfied with the service, the payment will be canceled and Wayook will do everything possible to solve the problem. The truth is that it is an initiative that you might not have considered but that is working like a charm, hiring cleaning companies in Madrid or other cities has never been so easy.


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