Ways to use Spotify on Linux and Alternatives

Spotify has quickly become one of the best means to listen to free music from the Internet, easily and directly. Spotify uses the technology of streaming also used on youtube with which you can listen to the file from the point you want at any time. To use this platform it is necessary to have a software client specific to our operating system.

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Unfortunately there are only official versions of Spotify for Windows and Mac.

And I wonder, what about Linux? Because its number of users is more than enough and continues to grow. Therefore we cannot close the doors of Spotify these people.

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If you don’t have one yet Spotify account, for it you need an invitation, although you can also give your email and they will get in touch with you quickly. But I can get you an account myself.

I have collected information on the multitude of possibilities that exist:

one. You can get a clear solution, install a virtual machine with virtual box or VMware, install any version of windows on it and use the windows spotify client.

-Download virtual box here

-Visit the VMware Download Center here

two. Use a updated version of Wine on Linux and install the windows version of the spotify client on it. This solution will not be complicated for people who are used to running Windows applications on Linux. Anyway you have a great tutorial here (made by onsoftware, the softonic software blog)

-Download Wine for Linux

-Download the windows spotify client

spotify linux

3. Use Despotify, a program that it works from the linux terminal. The program remove advertising, but has numerous problems with updates, needs to be updated often because it stops working due to numerous updates from the official Spotify client. A bit confusing for users with little Linux expertise.

-You have all the explanations about how despotify works here


4. You can also resort to using Jotify, a client based on Java with own interface and very attractive, unfortunately her installation is a bit complicated. Its biggest disadvantage is that it is only available for premium accounts (payment accounts) that most people don’t use).

-Download Jotify here

-You have all the information about Jotify on its official website


5If you don’t want to complicate your life, you can go to Grooveshark. A web interface where you can listen to music without installation and without registration. You have more information here.


I hope you have found your solution According to your possibilities, the range of possibilities is not as small as it seems. If you have doubts about a concept, do not hesitate to ask.


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