We analyze the FreSound FM Transmitter for cars

Currently most cars have a radio with USB or, at least, CD. Now, if you have an old car with a radio that does not have any of these options, you do not have to change it. There are very easy and cheap ways to listen to all the music you have on your mobile directly in your car.

One of the best options we have found is the FreSound FM transmitter. This will allow you to transform your mobile into an FM radio transmitter. The device connects directly to the headphone output of your mobile phone, tunes into your car radio and you will have the system ready to go, the task is very simple and its cost is quite low. Let’s review the positive points of the FM transmitter.

FM transmitter

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FM Transmitter Advantages

  • This device allows you tune into any available FM frequency so you have total freedom to choose those that give you the best sound quality.
  • Is small and cheap. At a price of 25 euros you have a perfect, portable and very small accessory that will allow you to synchronize your mobile with your car.
  • Can listen to anything, from calls as if you had a hands-free to YouTube videos, games, etc.
  • Does not have to connect to any cable, integrates a small battery that allows you to get some mobility inside the car and that lasts a long time. You’ll just have to place it somewhere no matter what. If the device runs out of battery, it integrates a very useful car charger.

FM Transmitter Galaxy S5


Even though I have found very few cons, some I have seen in this device. In any case, what I am going to tell you next is not an excuse not to buy it, rather the opposite.

The only problem I’ve seen is that, despite having excellent sound quality, we have to be very careful with the stations that can be mixed in the different zones. We will have to try different frequencies and, if possible, empty, to obtain the best possible quality, which is very good.

Of course we have to approve it, if you want to get one you can use this link. Now remember that in Mobilefun You will find the best mobile accessories and covers that you can find on the net. The trust we place in them has been enormous, they have always been up to the task and have good support.


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