We analyze the ILIFE V8 Plus robot vacuum cleaner: Will it leave your house very clean?

In these busy times we live in, it’s not a bad idea at all to buy a Vacuum cleaner robot who can clean your house while you’re away (or while you’re doing other things). The truth is that there are so many options on the market that it is difficult to choose one. We are going to talk about the ILIFE V8 Plus, a very interesting option that you can get at a very competitive price.

But before launching ourselves with the offer (we leave it to you at the end of the article), we would like to tell you how it works and what do we think of the ILIFE V8 Plus. This robot vacuum cleaner is 2 in 1, since it can both vacuum your home and scrub it (by passing a cloth with water). Although its price is low, the truth is that its performance is very good. We have had the opportunity to test it thoroughly for several weeks and the results have surprised us. Pay attention because we tell you the most interesting of it below.

ILIFE V8 Plus: the complete review in Spanish

After testing many other options, both better and worse, we can say that the V8 Plus is characterized by being a simple vacuum cleaner designed so that anyone can use it. Here there are no complicated configurations or mobile apps, you simply have to turn it on from the upper buttons or from the remote that it incorporates. It’s perfect for older people or people who don’t want to spend time setting up the robot.

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As you can guess, for its price, this robot vacuum cleaner does not map home, but in a fairly large house, about 140 square meters, it has worked great for us. The vast majority of times he has passed through the entire house and has even returned to the base alone. Before continuing with the analysis, let’s see its technical characteristics.

ILIFE V8 Plus Specifications



Dimensions and weight 33cm diameter x 8.1cm high. 2.7kg
Power 25 W with 1000 PA (500 PA in normal mode).
Autonomy and deposit Until 140 minutes cleaning and with automatic return to the base to recharge. With 750 ml to collect dust and a 300 ml tank for water.
Surface Compatible with large houses of 150 square meters.
connections Remote control and LCD screen. It has an anti-fall, anti-collision system and is compatible with the virtual wall accessory.
Functions Vacuum and scrub. With 2 power modes (normal and high power) and 5 cleaning modes (classic, spot, edges, route or daily program).

Now let’s see its design, not very different from most robots except for one detail.

The design of the ILIFE V8 Plus

The main feature of this ILIFE V8 Plus is simplicity. The robot vacuum cleaner no complex instructions or weird modes. It simply comes with some buttons on the top that are used to turn on the robot or program the different modes. As for the case, it is white, simple and has an elegant design.

Since it doesn’t have an app, what it does have is a led screen where you can program what time it is. And see, both the different modes in which it is working and the possible errors (in the manual it explains what each thing is, although in our case it has not given us errors while we were testing it).

Inside this robot allows toggling between a 750ml dirt bucket or a 300ml water bucket. This is great because your tank can vacuum multiple times without needing to be emptied. Most robots include a 400ml dirt tank, but this one is double that of most vacuum cleaners. Of course, for better performance it is best to clean it every time you clean your house.

In addition to this, the vacuum cleaner has big wheels that don’t dock nor in the classic fringed rugs. And if you want to limit an area to prevent the robot from accessing, it incorporates a virtual wall that can be placed in a part of your house. It prevents it from going through there (perfect if you don’t want it to go through a room or a large carpet in scrub mode).

Unlike most robots, this one only incorporates the two front brushes that attract dirt, but not an inner one. Simply inside it has a hole that is responsible for vacuuming. This has good and bad points at the same time: there is no maintenance of the interior brush (that’s great) but there is also no such deep cleaning of carpets (perhaps its worst flaw), even so, the truth is that it vacuums quite well and that does that does not get tangled with hair like most robot vacuum cleaners. The latter is its main strong point and something to highlight (perfect if you have pets with long hair). This is why, despite having 1000 PA, it achieves a very efficient vacuum.

As for the charging base, it is simple and can be placed in an area with some separation on both sides so that it can be easily returned to it. oh! What we needed, everything included in the box, the truth is that you will not miss anything:

  • ILIFE V8 Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • 750 ml dirt and dust container
  • 300 ml tank for water and scrubbing
  • Two mops for scrubbing
  • Charging base and power supply
  • 4 front brushes (a spare set)
  • Two filters for the vacuum cleaner (one spare)
  • virtual wall
  • Remote control
  • Cleaning brush
  • Batteries for the virtual wall and remote

How do you clean the ILIFE V8 Plus? How about vacuuming and mopping?

This robot has two different modes: vacuum and mop, and the truth is that it works fine in both modes. The best thing about this is that its battery gives it a range of about 80 minutes in deep cleaning mode and that’s not bad at all. In addition, thanks to its operating system and not having an internal brush, it is a vacuum cleaner that does not make too much noise. If you use it in low consumption mode, it lasts up to 140 minutes.

What it does not do, being a cheaper vacuum cleaner, is to map your house. This one vacuums your house based on all its sensors at each time, but the truth is that went through every corner of the house every time we used it so there are no problems in that sense. The only drawback of this system is that when it stops, and resumes, it may not be very clear where it has gone and where it has not. This will not be a problem for most people, but if you are looking for something more advanced you will have to choose a different option such as ILIFE A9s.

ILIFE V8 Plus Controller

As for vacuum modes, you can use different ones, either in specific rooms or cleaning the entire space in both classic mode and route mode. In the classic, what it does is vacuum the corners and the room, and in the route mode it cleans everything in its path. Route mode is a bit faster, but if you want the best cleaning, it’s best to use classic mode. As for the scrubbing mode this is automatic, you just put the tank with water (without any type of product) and cleans with water throughout your house.

The scrub mode will not remove deep stains, but it is great for removing the layer of dust that builds up over time. And refering to suction power the truth is that it is quite good, we have not noticed much difference with other more expensive ones, it removes a lot of dirt even by putting it on every day and that is great. It will help you keep your house decently clean on weekdays or for long periods if you use it often. And something very curious is that with the remote you can control it as if it were a remote-controlled car thanks to the arrows that it incorporates, taking it where you want it to suck if somewhere it doesn’t finish cleaning too well.

How to use its modes and functions?

As we mentioned at the beginning, the ILIFE V8 Plus characterized by being simple. The only thing you have to do is understand its buttons and little else, in fact there are very few, so it is easy to get the hang of it.

  • route mode: If you press the Start/Stop button, it will start cleaning your entire house in a zigzag pattern. It is the most efficient way.
  • spot mode: Cleans an area only. It is used by clicking on the button that looks like a spiral.
  • edge mode: cleans the edges of the house: it is the icon with a rectangle and two lines by both sides.
  • classic mode: those random lines what they do is clean the area first and then the edges of each area. It is useful for cleaning carpets.
  • Change the power: by pressing the button on the propellers you can choose between HI (high power) or LO (low power). We always use it in HI.
  • Change the water flow in mopping mode: the propeller regulates the amount of water you use.
  • Return to the base: if you press the button on the house it returns to the base.

And that’s it, the truth is that there are no complications. Of course, it is advisable to clean it from time to time in each of the cleanings, and not only empty the tank, but also clean the other parts so that it lasts as long as possible.

Is the ILIFE V8 Plus worth it?

ILIFE V8 Plus Bottom

Despite being simple and cheap, the ILIFE V8 Plus has surprised us a lot. Cleans well, does not clog and goes through all corners of the house both vacuuming and mopping. Without a doubt, it is an option to consider if you are looking for a robot that does not cost you an arm and a leg.

Of course, what will surprise you is its price. It costs about €298, but If you buy it this August 23, it will cost you only €184 thanks to the End of Summer promotion on AliExpress. With shipping from Spain!

See the best offer of the ILIFE V8 Plus


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