We are looking for a blogger, do you want to write to Electrorincon?

There have been very few days in recent years that the web has run out of nothing but lately I think something is missing. Electrorincon has been online for a few years but needs to change, in addition to changing the theme of the web, I would like add one or more collaborators to the web to continue growing.

If you want to know more details, you just have to complete the contact form and present your application. At first, people are sought who can write with some regularity and contribute something new to the blog in the areas that it touches (the truth is that there are quite a few).

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I would like to clarify certain aspects:

  • It’s not a job. It is an opportunity to make yourself known on the web and in which you will have a lot of freedom to decide when and on what topics to write. At first it will not be remunerated but if you work and you are able to get traffic to your articles, it could become so and you would earn a proportion corresponding to the income from your articles.
  • You don’t need experience on the web but if you want to do it well and improve yourself every day with a positive evolution in which I assure you that you will discover a lot of things every day. The person behind this website will help you train you to write on the web correctly and it will explain everything you need to improve every day.

The selection process is closed, although if you are interested in writing with us you can do so through the contact form.


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