We reviewed the 11-watt AUKEY SK-M18: The most powerful portable speaker?

I confess, I am a sound freak and I have been testing external speakers, headphones and all kinds of devices for a long time but to date I had never tried a portable speaker of more than 3 watts and, this time, thanks to AUKEY I have been able to test the new SK-M18, a very, very powerful 11 ​​watt portable speaker.

The SK-M18 is no longer just another portable speaker, by its appearance we already realize that despite being a external speaker with Bluetooth connection things will be more professional than usual. You can connect your mobile within 10 meters, enjoy its AUX input or use the built-in FM radio but the sound it provides is impressive.

Speaker 11 Watt AUKEY 4

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Why is it so powerful?

The 11-watt AUKEY features a 7 W subwoofer and 2 dual 2-watt drivers each, both with 4 ohms. This enables you to output high-quality stereo audio, deep bass, and a complete music experience. Besides that it supports the A2DP audio profile.

Regarding the design it is pretty big but it is not heavy, in the box there is a strap included to carry it on the shoulder. Of course, it is so powerful that it can be used outdoors without problem, even in small outdoor parties with few people, Christmas, a small karaoke, etc. Its dimensions are 247 mm x 132 mm in circumference.

Speaker 11 Watt AUKEY 3

The speaker can hold up to 8 hours at maximum volumeIf you have it lower, it can last longer, even 10 hours without a problem. Inside it has a 3000 mAh battery that charges in 8 hours with a 1 A charger, although if you use one with the company’s AiPower it may take less time.

It has FM radio, it’s amazing

Besides that, if you connect a long cable to the AUX it acts as an antenna for the FM radio. In the MODE button we can only choose between AUX / Bluetooth and FM radio. If we put in FM Radio its operation is simple.

11 Watt Speaker AUKEY 2

We hit Play and the speaker starts to scan the chains, when the sweep ends we can use the forward and back buttons to switch between the different stations. Nor do we forget the ON / OFF button in which you turn on and pay. Its operation as you can see is very simple. It is compatible with the frequency 87.5 to 108 MHz of FM.

It is advisable?

Speaker 11 Watt AUKEY 1

Without hesitation, despite the fact that it costs almost 35 euros, it is the best portable speaker I’ve tried in my life. It’s powerful, has great sound, and sends bass. It’s not too expensive as other less-sounding, well-known brand speakers usually cost twice as much. It is certainly a purchase that you will not regret, perfect for going out to do an outdoor weight session or circuit, a small party with friends or even to watch a movie if the TV speakers are not the thing. powerful enough.

You can buy it on Amazon, in a day you have it at home, you try it and if you like it, you return it but it is impossible that you do not like it.

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