We show you 5 ways to get free Bitcoins

Today it is still difficult for me to explain what a Bitcoin is, but what I do have clear is that the virtual currencies they have come here to stay, although it will be difficult for them to impose as a payment method. With the arrival of this (and some alternatives that are not so well known) many tax loopholes have been opened and it is complicated whiten this type of coins (there is also not much to ask why, here in our country, nobody knows anything).

Bitcoin mining is the order of the day and, although it is becoming more and more difficult to do it from home, there are still ways to get free bitcoins. To effectively mine these coins, a significant outlay of money is required that not everyone can make, however, if it is done, it could become profitable after a few months. Some, the most ingenious, have already created malware that infects millions of PCs to mine bitcoins for the face.


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I don’t want to talk about mining today, but I will show you 5 ways to earn some totally free bitcoins through different services. I would like to comment that, in this way, you will not get rich. But if you can earn something, in return, they will earn money from their advertising.

First, before anything else, it will be get a bitcoin wallet where to store them, I recommend that you opt for a virtual one like Coinbase. If you want you can also use the official client but it takes a week to sync and requires 10 GB of hard drive space. Keep in mind that, being a service that moves in the cloud, you can be scammed for what is vital use a blank wallet and move payments to a more secure one.

Now we come to the services.

  • FreeBitcoin – Allows you to get money for access the web every hour and, in addition, you can bet on their games to multiply the winnings. You can get a minimum of 2.2 uBTC every hour and they make payments every Monday if you have reached 54.64 uBTC.
  • Bitiq – It is true that this app does not give you BTC directly, but it helps you get them by investing a small amount.
  • DailyBitcoins – Gives you automatically 1 uBTC every hour. To collect the money obtained, it is necessary to reach 0.1 mBTC.
  • CoinAd – Gives you bitcoins for view websites. After a daily tour it allows you to earn up to 15 uBTC per day. From 150 uBTC you can already collect.
  • BitVisitor – Allows you to get money for display advertising for 5 minutes. The amount you will earn will depend on the type of advertising and you will be paid for every 100 uBTC you have earned.

There are many more sites where you can get free bitcoins, but not all of them are trustworthy. At least these five have been tested and are up to date with payments. Of course, remember that they can disappear over time.

Currently, one BTC costs more than €40,000, although its value varies. The uBTC (also called microbitcoin) has a value of 0.000001BTC and the mBTC (called Millibitcoin) has a value of 0.001BTC. Do you have experience earning free Bitcoins? Feel free to use the comments.


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