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I have been using for a few days Telegram and, when at first I did not have any contacts, today I already have more than 30 contacts in my address book using the application without having promoted it among them. This app is gaining users beastly day by day.

I would like to remind you of the good thing about using Telegram compared to its great competitor, WhatsApp. There is a lot of talk about multiplatform but many people enter the Telegram website and cannot find a way to use the online client.

For use telegram online you just have to follow these steps.

  1. Enter Webogram (the application’s Beta client).
  2. Enter your number phone number (with the country code).
  3. Enter the code that will arrive by phone or, if it does not arrive in a minute, you will receive a call with the code.

The process is very fast and from that moment you will have access to your Telegram account perfectly synchronized in a matter of seconds. The application is still in beta phase but the truth is that it works really well, it is very fast and accessible from any browser.

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If it is true that the application is in English and, its web interface lacks many of the features that Telegram does include, but it is designed to be accessible from anywhere and at any time to communicate with users. If you want to share files, surely there is another device where you have installed it or you can install the official client on your operating system.

At this rate, it could surpass WhatsApp in a short time, but it is still too early to make a correct scale. I would like to wait and see that there is no security scandal or things like that, if it does not happen people will continue to spend little by little so as not to pay a single penny, if, for some strange reason, one of these scandals occurs things could change but I don’t think it will happen why the Russians have taken privacy issues to heart.


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