What are and How to Create Multiple User Profiles in Google Chrome?

Google Chrome has many settings that many go unnoticed, but are actually very useful. Among these configurations is the multiple user profiles in Google Chrome, which will present you with many advantages. If you want to know everything about this, keep reading the topic What are and how to create multiple user profiles in Google Chrome?

Without a doubt, this browser is one of the most used worldwide since it allows us to easily install extensions and it is possible to customize it as we want.

What are multiple user profiles in Google Chrome?

If it has happened to you that at any time you want to separate your work matters from your daily life. Also that you have two Gmail accounts, Facebook, Outlook, among others and to see your different accounts you have to log out of one to access another or use another browser.

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If you and your family share the computer but you want everyone to have their space. Or if you simply want to use the same applications at the same time without closing the windows. For all these cases there is something you can do that will improve your experience and yours with Chrome.

The solution to all this is to create multiple user profiles in the Google Chrome browser. Then, you will be able to carry out several actions of even the same application without having to close a window or tab.

Also the affairs of each member of your family will be separated by personal accounts on a single computer. In this way, enable multiple user profiles, you will have more order and comfort within the Chrome browser.

Now that you know what this multi-user profiles are about, it’s time to learn how to do these profiles on your PC. It should be noted that before starting we recommend updating Google Chrome to its latest version so that you do not have any problems.

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How to create multiple user profiles in Google Chrome?

To start creating multiple user profiles in the Chrome browser, you won’t need too much time, just a few minutes will be enough. The first thing you should do, open the Chrome browser.

Once there, you must look for the menu of Setting then you must click on the option Manage other users. Then a window will open where the names of the current users stand out until now, there is a button called Add profile.

Click on this, and then you must name the new user profile and choose a default character for that profile. To finish the process, click on Add and then a window will open where you can configure the synchronization of bookmarks, extensions, passwords and history.

You can also log in with the Google account for this profile, in such a way that the account will be completely isolated from the main account. If you want to create more than one secondary profile, repeat the steps we gave you and you will be able to obtain the number of accounts you need for yourself or your family.

For to access To the other profiles, simply enter Google Chrome, click on your profile icon and in the Other people section, you will be able to find the other profiles. Click on the profile you want to enter and then another tab will open where you will navigate as the chosen profile.

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Delete a multi-user profile

If after you create the user profiles in Chrome, you want to do without any of these, the way to delete them is very fast. What you should do is, firstly, access Google Chrome on your computer.

Then, click on Profile and then select the option Manage users and locate the profile or profiles to delete. On the icon of the preferred profile, go to the More option, that is, the three dots and click on them. Click on Delete this profile and then the profile you have selected will have been completely deleted.

Keep in mind that when delete a multiple user profile both passwords, history, bookmarks and other personalized settings will be removed along with the profile.

It was easy to learn to create multiple user profiles in the Chrome browser, It is not true?. Well, with all the knowledge you acquired in relation to these Chrome profiles, when you create yours, you will already know a lot about them, how they work and even how to get rid of any of these.

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