What are Collaborative Building in World of Warcraft? Collaborative Construction WoW

Many wonder what is World of Warcraft? This is an RPG similar to League of Leguens. In the game it is possible to create a character and with this move through various maps.

World of Warcraft is a paid game, but your expansions are free and can be found on its official website. The game was released in 2004 and since then it has become very popular among users as it has minimum requirements to play.

The World of Warcraft game in its patch 8.2 update introduced several new features, among which are: collaborative constructions or collaborative construction WoW.

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New to World of Warcraft Patch 8.2 in terms of buildings can be found all over the island of Mechagon, that innovated with 5 new constructions.

What is Mechagon in World of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft is a paid game, so it has large and numerous maps, the role-playing game has a world or universe as its players call it, quite wide.

Mechagon is one of the islands belonging to the big universe from the role-playing game World of Warcraft, despite being a small island, it is larger than the timeless island.

The island of Mechagon in the game World of Warcraft was incorporated in patch 8.2 which brought a number of novelties and surprises for the players of the universe.

word of warcraft collaborative builds

The island has a large number of tasks such as long missions, various secrets, a mythical dungeon and others, among the tasks that can be found are what would be the collaborative constructions from World of Warcraft.

What are Collaborative Building in World of Warcraft?

Collaborative builds in World of Warcraft were introduced in patch 8.2, to participate in these you must be found minimum at level 50 of the game.

The constructions found on the Mechagon island are the ones that can be ordered for spare parts and power cells, which provide different benefits.

The collaborative constructions of World of Warcraft are the ones to be found on Mechagon islandThese are those constructions in which all people can donate so that it is finished building.

The faction that finishes the collaborative construction first will be the one that receives multiple benefits as a faction and for each of its participants. If you have war mode off, the constructions would be working for both factions.

Types of collaborative buildings in World of Warcraft

Between the different collaborative constructions that implemented patch 8.2 of World of Warcraft, which are possible to find on the Mechagon island, can be classified into 5 types.

The first type would be the turret shoots flames Which can be found anywhere on the island, this build requires 100 spare parts. Its function allows you to do damage against the various enemies that may arise.

collaborative construction wow

The second type to mention is the drill, the drill is located near entrances to caves covered in rubble around the entire map of Mechagon.

The drill requires 500 spare parts and 3 power cells, its function is to allow access to the caves and obtain the treasure that they hide, as well as being an excellent weapon to fight with enemies that inhabit the caves.

The third construction is the loading station which can be found in the bottom landfill, it needs 3000 pieces of spare and 4 power cells. The charging station allows the power cells to be recharged by 250 spare parts.

The fourth type would be the recovery equipment, it is found in the landfill and requires 3000 spare parts and 5 power cells, its function is to attract robots by waves.

Last is rust bolt arsenal, is scattered throughout the island of Mechagon and it is possible to build it for 100 spare parts and 1 power cell. This offers a flame launcher in addition to an anti gravity backpack.

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