What are Computer Drivers and what do they work for – Definitive Guide

Every computer needs certain components for its proper functioning. These devices are part of the hardware and require appropriate programs or drivers in order to fulfill their role in the system. Have you asked yourself What are they, what are they for and how do drivers or controllers work? In this article we will explain it to you.

Undoubtedly updating the drivers in Windows is very important for the proper functioning of the system. Even so, sometimes asked what the drivers are, then we will answer this Question.

What are they for and how do drivers or controllers work?

Sometimes the operating system stops responding, issues a blue screen message, or some program stops running. This can occur by multiple factors and one of them is related to driver or controller problems.

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Next, we will show you all the information you need to know about the drivers, its usefulness and functionality. Thus, you will pay more attention to these elements so necessary in your operating system.

Structure of a computer

All equipment has hardware and software. The hardware is the physical elements such as the motherboard, RAM, hard disk, processor, peripheral devices (mouse, keyboard, monitor, printer). For its part, the software is the programs and the operating system through which the hardware acquires utility.

For the hardware and software to work properly they need an intermediate program called driver or controller. This software must be compatible with the component in order to maintain the proper conjunction between the software and the computer hardware.

What are drivers or controllers?

Drivers or controllers are the software that is installed on the computer with the aim of running it as an intermediary between the operating system and the hardware. The drivers / controllers They are essential elements so that the operating system can correctly recognize the components that are added to the computer.

Drivers are made up of lines of code with specific functions targeting particular components. In this sense, these programs are in charge of carrying a message to the system so that it can carry out its recognition task and communicate with the device.


What is the classification of computer drivers?

As such the Drivers for computers are those that allow the operating system to recognize and be able to use the devices for which they were manufactured, these Drivers or controllers allow you to install the equipment correctly and efficiently run the Hardware, these can be classified as in generic or specific as these are made up of lines of codes so that your device works automatically, the Official drivers they are as such compatible with any operating system.

The controllers are very diverse, for this reason they are cataloged according to their nature, read the following information carefully to know the classifications of the drivers present on your computer and other devices:

Generic or universal drivers

Some operating systems have so-called generic drivers so that certain components work immediately when connected. Universal drivers are made up of lines of code that allow the system to automatically identify peripherals such as the keyboard and mouse.

Even so, although many drivers are installed in this way, it will always be necessary to download the missing drivers on your PC, so that the equipment works in the best possible way.

Specific drivers

Certain components such as video cards, some webcams, WiFi networks, and printers require specific software to troubleshoot compatibility. For this reason it is important to know the specifications of the device in order to install the correct driver.

This is the example when updating the drivers for the graphics card or any other component of those characteristics, which require a single driver to function correctly.

Generic driver

Usually these Generic drivers They tend to be of good performance, as well as they are also compatible with any operating system, but you must bear in mind that these will never work as well as the original or official.

Specific drivers

Some components such as video cards, webcam, printers and Wi-Fi networks require a software unique, to solve compatibility problems, that is why it is extremely important that you have specific knowledge of the device so that you can download and install the Driver or controller suitable.

Types of computer drivers that exist

As you already know, a Driver or controller is composed of lines of code with unique functions made for particular components, as such these are a software that is established on the device in order for it to run as a mediator between the operating system and the Hardware; There are various types of Drivers such as audio, video, net and others.

Audio drivers

This usually already comes pre configured, since it is a Driver that speeds up the connection between audio devices, since this consists of the manipulation of a group of programs focused on some parts of the Hardware that is already installed in the device or computer, as this audio card facilitates the connection with some external device.

Video Drivers

As such this video card or Video driver It is already pre-established in the computer, the function of this is that it facilitates the use of any image device that can be linked to the computer, they should only be compatible with the same.

Basic drivers

As such the Drivers or basic drivers have good performance and are always compatible with any operating system, but you must bear in mind that these Basic drivers they don’t work as well as the ones already established or original.

Network drivers

These Drivers or network controllers generate the use or use of the networks that are available on the periphery of the device or computer, as this facilitates the management of the Connection of the computer.

Device drivers (printers, scanners, etc)

These Drivers are based on a Hardware or a Software, since its operation is based on the computer being able to perfectly recognize the devices as printers, scanners, among others, so that you can use it and establish a good connection to be able to move on to the respective printing.

driver installation on pc


These are essential to be able to determine the performance of any team, since since the data traffic your computer is a bit slow, this will slow down the system, we must also highlight that the Chipset It is compatible with a certain series of motherboard models and also with components such as the RAM or hard drives.

From the bios

The Drivers of the BIOS or in other words Basic Input or Output System are based on a Firmware non-fickle, which is used to make or execute the introduction of the Hardware throughout the boot process, this also provides services of time of completion of the operating systems and programs.

Some characteristics of the drivers that you should know

The Drivers have certain characteristics, which lie in an operating system, which are designed to mainly manage peripherals and special devices, these Drivers or controllers are usually of two types, oriented by characters that are like devices NULL, AUX, PRN, among others; and there are also those oriented by blocks which are constituted by the known units of the disk. Both of these Drivers take or send information character by character and also process it.

How can I get the necessary drivers for my computer?

In some cases we may be presented that we have to download some Driver or controller for our device and we do not know which one is indicated, which are necessary or even how to get them, for this there are different methods such as through the CD from the manufacturer, by accessing the device manager, using Windows update or simply downloading them over the internet.

With the manufacturer’s CD

This is one of the easiest options you have when downloading and installing the drivers from your computer, you should only use the CD that the device brings and follow the instructions that they will give you. If you lost the CD or you just don’t have it, go to website from your computer manufacturer, they will give you the information you need.

Accessing the device manager

If you have problems with any Driver or controller This is the best option to solve it, you just have to enter the control panel of your computer and in the area Device administrator, there you will find all the devices that your computer or PC have; select the one you want to download, and in the alternative «Controller» press Update driver, and voila so you can install the versions of Drivers you need.

Use Windows Update

If you need to install or update any Driver or driver of your device and your computer owns or works with Windows, you can easily do them with Windows update, with it you can find any driver you want to update. To update your drivers you just have to go to Windows Update on your computer and select on search for updates, the device will automatically search for the updates that are available and install them on your computer.

Download them from the internet

To download the drivers from the internet, you just have to search your browser for the Driver you want to download, select a website and follow the instructions that they will give you to download your Driver.

Best software to download and update drivers

There are a large number of programs to download and / or update the Drivers of your computer, you must bear in mind that updating your computer’s drivers will help you keep your device in good condition so that it continues to work correctly and without any problem, programs such as Driver Booster, DriverPack Solution and Snappy Driver Installer They will help you troubleshoot and download the drivers for your device.

Driver booster

This is a tool that we recommend as it helps you keep your computer’s Drivers completely and correctly updated, Driver Booster has a great Interface and it is also very easy to handle, as it lets you know if you have a Driver to update.

DriverPack Solution

This program is completely free, highlighting that it is a tool that takes care of update your computer’s drivers, also focusing on the fact that it is a light version, its operation does not totally depend on the internet, as it allows you to do maintenance without being connected to any internet network and it also has the Drivers necessary for your computer.

Snappy Driver Installer

This one, like the previous ones, is completely free, and it also offers you a Lite version, which has a system that allows you to search for Drivers that you need for your computer and as you know this works being connected to the internet.

How to update the drivers on a Windows 10 computer?

Update the Drivers of your computer with Windows 10 It is very simple, you just have to go to the configuration of your computer and select the option Update and security, once there you must search and press the option «Windows Update» and click on the Install Now section, this is for the updates available on your Windows 10 computer to be applied and run.

What are drivers or controllers for?

Drivers or controllers are used to establish communication between the operating system and others team components. Therefore, the devices that have been connected to the computer can be recognized and thus optimally used.

It is important to note that if we do not install the driver of a device that requires it, then the equipment will present speed failures, poor performance, program suspension, screen freezing, among other conflicts.

CPU socket

How do drivers or controllers work?

When adding a component to our computer, the driver must act as a bridge so that the hardware can emit a series of instructions to the software. If the operating system recognizes the component and we can use it, then we have installed the appropriate driver.

The drivers have been created for specific components and systems. That is why you must be very careful when searching for the appropriate driver that guarantees the correct operation of the hardware. If we install an incompatible driver, then it will not send the corresponding instructions with the device we want to incorporate.

Keep in mind that in addition to the Drivers and controllers it will be necessary to install other types of software. Clear is the example when installing DirectX to the last version, essential software for the correct operation in games and other applications.

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