What are Linux Commands for and What are the Most Useful Basics?

Today, computers are truly wonderful tools, which allow us to do a vast number of activities in the shortest possible time. Among which stand out office automation activities along with their respective programs.

Office automation is that activity on a computer where programs are used or needed to facilitate the development of office tasks. Therefore, it is very normal to see that the administrators or accountants of a company use it most of their working day.

The efficiency of this machine is so wide for its users, that it handles a group of commands which makes the use of some tools that the operating system has more versatile. And therefore, it is very important to know them to make the most of the aforementioned.

What are commands in computer science?

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In basic terms, a command is translated into computing as a order or a mandate that a user performs on the computer, and that he must execute it. These commands have a myriad of uses on computers.

The first and foremost is to collaborate with the operating system, so that in this way we are the users who can execute all the tasks that the team has, and not done automatically. In such a way that we manage to avoid many that the team is unable to perceive.

Secondary objectives can be considered as actions that improve the speed of a task. For example, the famous commands (copy and paste) greatly facilitate the transcription of a text from a web page, without it, the process that takes 5 seconds could last 5 or 10 minutes.

What is Linux?

Linux logo, gray background

Linux is a open source operating system, with which users can have and modify without any charge by its original creator. This has allowed a wide range of systems that are constantly multiplying. Here you can know all the versions and their characteristics

Which ask for a minimal or no amount of money for their use. So it can be considered an alternative that helps those users who do not have many resources, the problem is that this alternative is sometimes very complicated to use, a notable difference to paid systems.

What are commands in Linux?

The commands in Linux are those orders that are issued to the system to fulfill a certain activity. Many of them represent actions that in systems like Windows or MacOS are done automatically, and even without our consent.

The space where we register these commands is called console, and is characterized by being an interface in the shape of a rectangle with a black background and with its letters in white or very light colors.

What are Linux commands for and what are the basics?

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The commands that Linux uses, as mentioned above, represent tasks or options of different types (which in paid operating systems can be accessed much more easily). However, this does not mean that it is more difficult, but that the process is a bit later.

Among the list of the most useful commands are the related to files What: «cat» which works to link files and can be displayed as a later option to view all of them in the terminal.

Another command is «cp» which works for copy files, there is the command «cut» that allows to extract the content of the textual lines in a file. And finally we have the command «ln» this is for create links to files.

The aforementioned commands are only a small part of the totality there is, although, unless we are programmers or computer enthusiasts, we do not need to learn them all. With that we only learn those who do the tasks that we are going to perform this more than well.

It is important to note that Linux has a wide variety of tools and applications, with which it facilitates various activities.

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Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear your opinion. What Linux commands have you used? What are the most useful basics, in your opinion? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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