What are Mercadona’s hours? When does it open and close, at what time?

Currently it is very important to have reliable shops to make food purchases, such is the case of the Mercadona supermarket that with the passage of time has been making its way into the food market; However, there are still people who are unaware of the trajectory of this group of stores dedicated to the sale of food.

In the event that you are interested in acquiring products from this store, the same puts at your disposal various stores, so you can purchase your products online or in person.

The Mercadona supermarket It has more than 1500 offices located throughout the country, so you will have the possibility to visit any of them. However, at this point you may be wondering, What are Mercadona’s hours? When does it open and close, what time? Well, all this and more we will be telling you in this entry, stay in the reading and find out.

How to locate the nearest Mercadona headquarters to your home?

It is very important to know the location of the different venues that make up the Mercadona supermarket, however, searching for each one of them will be a bit complex and will require an investment of time to achieve it.

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In this sense, you can choose to visit Mercadona’s website and consult information about the schedule of the headquarters closest to you. Well, you will have a great advantage that supposes the saving of time that will help you to carry out any other search.

Additionally, you will have the possibility to make use of the Google Map resources to locate the headquarters of the Mercadona supermarket closest to you. In any case, you will have the headquarters safely located and you can go to it without any problem. Now that you know how to locate the headquarters, the most important part comes and it is the schedule that you will have available to make your purchases or visits to the place.

Know the schedule that Mercadona offers you to make your purchases

This point is undoubtedly the most important, since it will allow you to know when you will be able to visit the headquarters of your choice and at what time; Well, we tell you that the Mercadona supermarket, depending on the headquarters, may have different hours.

However, in general terms it is available from 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., every day except for holidays. In this sense, to know more precisely the schedule it is important that you enter the page and consult the headquarters you are going to visit.

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Additionally, you should consult when you need to make a purchase in the supermarket, because there are exceptional cases where the same agrees open on reduced hours during holidays. For this, it is advisable to consult the festive opening hours of Mercadona, in general they tend to offer under these conditions, hours from 9:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Advantages offered by knowing the opening hours of the Mercadona supermarket

There are several advantages that you will get when you know the Mercadona supermarket’s working hours; However, this time we will be addressing the most noteworthy that you should take into consideration:

  • You will have the possibility to plan when you will visit the store to make your purchases, so you can surely do other activities without stopping buying your food.
  • You will know which holidays you can go to make your purchases without any problem, planning the time when you will visit the Mercadona supermarket.
  • You will always have the possibility of locating the Mercadona supermarket closest to you, so you will not spend a large amount of time traveling to other regions to make your purchases.

Finally, if you have any questions about the opening and closing hours of the Mercadona supermarket, you will have the possibility to consult by phone and confirm with an authorized agent the hours of operation of the headquarters you want to visit.

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