What are Rappi Credits? – Get Rappi Credits to Win Free Food

One of the businesses that is currently booming is home delivery. This is mostly due to the fact that the world is busier than ever. For this reason, it is that learning to use shipping apps is essential to be up-to-date, and with that in mind today you will see What are Rappi Credits?

If you are one of those who uses the wonderful Rappi App (which you can get for free in the PlayStore), then you have probably already noticed that from time to time the term Rappicredito appears, if you do not know what Rappicreditos are and how they work, then You have come to the right place, because knowing how to use the credits is strictly necessary.

What are Rappi Credits?

To get straight to the point and quickly discover what Rappi credits are, you have to know that basically they are like the currency of the Rappi App. That is to say, The balance of your account in general is called RappiCreditos.

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These are like another form of payment, apart from cash, the card and the coupons or discount codes, which can be handled and managed internally in the app. They were created precisely to give identity to the company and so that there would be another Different option from the conventional ones when canceling orders.

Using it is a very good thing, because it prevents you from spending your own money (in case you have earned it or they have been given to you). And it also makes it easier for you to pay when ordering (which is always appreciated).

rappi glovo bags pre-ordered

These credits are accepted by all establishments that are affiliated with Rappi, and you can pay for any product with them, so Do not worry about limited purchases because that will not happen.

How to get RappiCreditos?

With what you read in the previous section, it is already more than clear what Rappi Credits are. So now it’s time to see how to get them so you can eat for free without leaving anything out of your pocket.

The first way to obtain these credits is through your card, since you can load them whenever you want with it. However, as You may have noticed that it doesn’t make food free.

So to get a real discount, what you have to do is hunt down the Rappicredits on the web. If you wonder how to do that, then you have to know that many RappiCreditos codes and coupons can be found on unofficial pages (they are legal).

You just have to look for them in your favorite browser, with phrases like «coupons or get Rappi credits». And when you find one, enter the code that appears in it within the App. In addition to this, the company also gives away credits through SMS or contests published on its social networks.

So you have to be very aware of all media related to Rappi so that you can opt for more credits (you can accumulate them infinitely and spend them whenever you want because they do not expire).

Referral code

Finally, to obtain at least 15,000 pesos in RappiCreditos (in Mexico, in other countries the amount is different). You have to use the referral system that the same App brings within it, which consists of a code.

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To use it you just have to go to the Rappi App, and select the option that is named «Refer and win”. Within this will be your code, which you can share with your friends with the option «Invite in seconds”.

Once your colleagues have it, they will have to create an account from there and make a purchase. For every first purchase you will earn the aforementioned amount of credits without having to do anything else.

And voila, now you know everything you need. So as a final advice, it is recommended that you look for what other applications such as Rappi are there? Or what are the best applications to order food? another app.

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