What are Some Strategic Advertising Ideas to Promote a Shopping Center?

Implementing a marketing plan in a shopping center allows you to increase visits and sales in stores; thinking about the importance of planning a good marketing strategy, we will tell you What are some strategic advertising ideas to boost a shopping center?

Steps to consider before developing an advertising strategy:

  • Before starting a marketing plan it is important to analyze the shopping center situation; that is, how were the sales and the influx of people the previous year, how is the structure and what is the budget for such advertising.
  • It will also help you to carry out a SWOT analysis (also known as SWOT) to see what are the weaknesses and strengths of the shopping center compared to its competition. It is important analyze the competition to create an advertising strategy that is different from other shopping centers.
  • Set your goals what you want to achieve with said marketing plan; For example, do you want to increase the influx of people? What kind of audience do you want to attract? or do you want to increase the number of merchants ?; Being clear about what you want to achieve with your advertising strategy will help you focus your plan on these types of users.
  • Create a calendar where you determine the times or dates of the year where the advertising will be most intense; for example, black friday, christmas, mother’s day, father, child, world women’s day, among others.

Strategic advertising ideas to promote a shopping center:

Web page:

You can hire a professional to help you create a modern, eye-catching and original website that captures the attention of users when they search the internet for information about the shopping center. A quality web page contains professional photos of the facilities, staff and visitors, as well as contact information, location and shops that can be found in the mall.

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It is also important to note if the mall has elevators and escalators, (this is useful for those users who use a wheelchair or use strollers); zone in the parking lot for people with disabilities, cinemas, food outlets, banks and places of entertainment for the family. Do not forget to add the discounts and promotions that users can enjoy monthly in stores.

Social media:

Advertising on social networks is the most effective tool today, because it can reach a greater number of users quickly. To advertise for the shopping center, use social networks such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook which have a large number of users and offer functions that help capture the attention of users.

In these networks you can upload information that contains the web page of the shopping center; You should also highlight the upcoming events, contests, discounts or offers that the stores have. Do not forget mount photos and videos, because they are two effective tools to reach users; Another function that you should not stop using on networks such as Instagram and Facebook is to frequently upload stories.


The words raffle, contest, offer, discount and promotions have never ceased to go out of style, because we all like to enjoy good prices every year. Post on your website and social networks the offers that users can enjoy in the different stores of the shopping center; also use social media to frequently run contests where users can participate.

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Virtual tours:

The use of virtual reality and augmented reality is currently fashionable; if your budget allows it, create virtual tours where users can visualize what the mall offers. Use the tour to show the funniest areas, the most popular stores, cinemas and food outlets, if the mall has areas for people to sit down to talk show that on the tour

Hold events:

If the space allows it, it holds events several times a year, such as concerts, exhibitions, fashion contests, new product launches, gastronomic events; These events must be promoted with a poster inside the shopping center, on social media and on the website. Organize different events within the shopping center aims to attract many users that in the end they are encouraged to buy something in stores.

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