What are Teraflops and what do they measure? What are they for and what is their use in computing?

Technology advances by leaps and bounds, every so often new devices appear much more advanced than their previous versions. This is why we must be aware of new trends in the world of technology.

The last graphics processor versions as video games, they have great performance. We can see that the image quality and the speed at which they move is surprising.

Apart from this, the design is much better, providing a more efficient service in every sense. We may wonder how does it work, or how can these graphics look so good? This is possible thanks to Teraflops.

What are Teraflops and what do they measure?

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Teraflops are basically what measure the performance of our computers, especially focused on graphics cards. These are the ones in charge of giving quality and speed to the images we see.

Actually this is measured in flops which means, floating point operations per second. This is a very small measure, so the developers of these devices take it as a measure in Teraflops.

Depending on the performance of our computers, the scale of measurement in flops varies. This can go from its smallest kiloflops scale and go up according to the performance you have, Megaflops, Gigaflops, Teraflops and so on.

Although Flops indicate the performance of our computers by themselves, they are not very useful. It is useless to have a lot of capacity in flops and not have enough processing capacity.

For example, the processor that our computer has as well as the internal memory it has. For our computers to perform better, all these elements must go hand in hand.

It should be borne in mind that when it comes to speed and performance of our computers, measurements by themselves in Flops are not usually very well accepted. On the other hand, for data analysis or other scientific applications, Flops are a very effective measure.

What are they for and what is their use in computing?

For computing measurements made in Flops, floating point operations per second are often used in scientific calculations. Usually when a large number of floating point operations are required.

They are usually used to measure performance capacity between speed and graphic quality offered by computers. Its use has become known for being implemented to measure the speed and fluidity of video game consoles.

It is common for modern consoles to use astronomical figures in Teraflops. Especially for measure the capacity of video cards and internal processors that videogames bring.

If we compare these figures with the capacities of our computers we will observe that the difference is usually overwhelming. This is because in video games the total internal performance capacity is taken as a reference.

Why is this problem occurring?

In reality, this problem arises as a result of the constant competition that exists between the great video game developers and the struggle to overcome their competitors. Therefore, you have to be very careful with this measure.

When we talk about video games or video consoles most of the figures given in Flops they come from your GPU. This is basically a processor whose main function is to improve the graphical operations of the device.

Whereby the more Teraflops our console has, the higher the graphic performance will be this. A simple example of this is three-dimensional graphics, which require a higher capacity in the graphics processor.

In the use of virtual reality or virtual reality games, the greater the graphic capacity of our consoles, the better the experience obtained. In this way we have learned what Teraflops are and what they are for, as well as what they are commonly used for, it should be noted that we must be careful with these measures.

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