What are the 10 Most Needed Jobs and Which Will Be in Demand in the Future?

If you are thinking of looking for a job, stay with us and find out about many interesting aspects under the topic What are the 10 most needed jobs that will be in demand in the future?

What are the 10 most needed jobs that will be in demand in the future?

10. Big Data Development

A Big Data developer within a company is in charge of analyzing the immense amount and variety of data emanated by it. This type of analysis allows companies to be at the forefront and quickly identify the market niche and bet on it based on user data.

This is a job very well paid depending on experience in the field, it is so much the case that, for example, in Spain, a Big Data developer can earn around € 30,000 per year.

9. Data scientist

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The job of a data scientist is to be in charge of managing, translating and transforming Big Data or huge amounts of data from many sources, and then converting them into effective responses.

Also with work they help companies to decision making important business problems, as well as solving everyday and highly complex problems.

8. Agile coach

With the emergence of more and more companies and the need for agility in them, the use of agile coach was born, which is a professional who introduces agile methods to accelerate business growth.

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An agile coach regardless of the types of work environment in the company he works is in charge of promoting autonomy, self-organization of teams and lead companies to an agile evolution in the foundations of the organizational structure of the company.

7. Cloud Consulting

Today almost everyone knows how to upload and share files in the cloud, and this is a useful modern service, which generated the job of a Cloud consultant. To apply to this highly demanded emerging professional profile, according to LinkedIn, it is necessary to have «extensive technical knowledge, capable of designing the best cloud solutions for each organization.»

6. AI specialist

This is one of the jobs with the most future, as these specialists are increasingly needed to deal with create and design artificial devices that eradicate common problems, using knowledge in computer programming, information and communication technologies.

This is a very successful job and the World Economic Forum reiterates this idea by ensuring that it is one of the jobs with more opportunities in the future, in addition to the fact of being able to earn from 27,000 to 60,000 euros per year.

The first 5 jobs that will be most in demand in the future

5. Python developer

The use of the Python programming language for various purposes is becoming more and more common and in the future even more so, that is why the developer work in this where he is responsible for debugging programs, write / test codes and integrating applications with third-party web services will be a very common and in-demand job soon.

4. Robotics engineering

As robots are increasingly useful, a robotic engineer is and will be a highly demanded professional, who by the way is responsible for the use of robotics solve problems common, based on connectivity, hardware or software.

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3. Sales development representative

This position has become a pillar for the growth of companies, as this representative with the use of different tactics, it helps to maximize sales with various business models, mainly.

2. Customer Success Specialist

These specialists are increasingly essential in companies, since they are in charge of the product or service for the client, be it the best possible, including his experience with it, through good treatment and good communication.

1. Doctors who are experts in data analysis and AI

With imminent technological advances, physicians must not only know health, but also technology, focusing on boost AI for the diagnosis and treatment of patients, digital medical records, etc., all this is the future of medicine and the demand for these types of professionals is almost a fact.

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